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Living in the Cloud

I was extremely inspired when I read my fellow colleague Kate Heightley’s blog “The Cloud – A Definition” dated December 31, 2012, regarding enterprise technologies.  Along with many of our clients and partners looking to adopt and invest in enterprise and cloud technologies, I decided during the Easter holiday’s to invest some of my time in developing my own personal cloud. Like so many people and organizations, my (and my family’s) needs and requirements on how we manage and consume data has changed vastly in recent years if not in months.  For a start there are more of us creating and consuming data and then there is the requirement that the data creators want to share this data with other members, or simply others want to have access to other family member’s data and information.  Also, today we find ourselves consuming data differently from just a couple of years ago. Where once we used to huddle around the household PC which used to store, serve, and view our data, today we have PC’s, smartphones, and tablets all creating and consuming data which is eager to be shared either at home or on the go. So with the change in our technology habits and requirements, I invested in a Network Storage Archive, configured it and then uploaded our photos, music, and other pertinent data.  Now all of us (that is in the family) has access to all of our information at our fingertips on demand anywhere in the world. This change that we adopted over the Easter holiday is so similar to what many of our clients are now looking to achieve with technologies such as the ENVI Services Engine.  We (that is our household) all agreed that it has made the way we create, store, view, and analyze our data a lot more efficient, faster and a great deal easier to access. Here’s to the Cloud and Enterprise!


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