NV5 Geospatial Software Technical Support Policy Updates

Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders:

  • In order to re-host or change a license (previously known as transfer), customers must be current on maintenance. 
  • Customers should review our Harris Geospatial Supported Versions guidelines to determine if a product will be supported by Technical Support. Please see Help Article 14106 for more information.


Academic Support Changes:

  • Academic Support for individual licenses: Starting November 1, 2014 the Academic Support policy will change. Academic customers with individual licenses that are current on maintenance will continue to receive Technical Support for installation and licensing but will need to purchase premium Technical Support for continued product assistance. If an academic customer does not wish to purchase premium Technical Support they can utilize self help resources available on Support - ENVI & IDL | NV5 Geospatial (nv5geospatialsoftware.com).
  • Academic Site License Support Changes: Site licenses (including Mini-lab, Lab, and Department licenses) current on maintenance will continue to receive installation, licensing and product level Technical Support but will need to name one point of contact (POC) that will work directly with Technical Support. End users of NV5 Geospatial software should funnel their support requests through the assigned POC for their organization. 


Note: Current on Maintenance means that the Expiration date of your maintenance is the current date or a date in the future. You can check this information through your on-line account My Account - Secure | Harris Geospatial (nv5geospatialsoftware.com).


Site License is a mini lab, lab, department or campus license. 

Re-host also includes any change to the license file that requires a re-build of the license.


Click here for a detailed summary of the Maintenance Program information.



Reviewed 9/2014, KK, EE, TO; Updated 10/3/2014

Updated 12/2016 MM

Updated to NV5 7/19/2023

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