The .RNEW command compiles and saves procedures and functions in the same manner as .RUN. In addition, all variables in the main program unit, except those in common blocks, are erased. The -T and -L filename switches have the same effect as with .RUN.

Note: .RNEW is an executive command. Executive commands can only be used at the IDL command prompt, not in programs.


Some statements using the .RUN and .RNEW commands are shown below.




Accept a program from the keyboard. Retain the present variables.

.RUN myfile

Compile the file If it is not found in the current directory, try to find it in the directory search path.

.RUN -T A, B, C

Compile the files, and List the files on the terminal.

.RNEW -L myfile.lis myfile, yourfile

Erase all variables and compile the files and Produce a listing on myfile.lis.


.RNEW [File1, ..., Filen]

To save listing in a file:

.RNEW -L ListFile.lisFile1 [, File2, ..., Filen]

To display listing on screen:

.RNEW -T File1 [, File2, ..., Filen]

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