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Delivering On-Demand Geoanalytics at Scale

Today's geospatial data analysis needs are becoming increasingly demanding. Not only is the volume, variety and velocity of data intensifying, but so too is the spatial resolution, spectral detail and temporal cadence. The ability to efficiently and accurately analyze this data at scale is a critical component for making informed decisions in a timely manner. Developed with these demands in mind, the Geospatial Services Framework (GSF) provides a scalable, highly configurable framework for deploying batch and on-demand geospatial applications as a web service.

Whether you are a geospatial professional in need of a robust software stack for end-to-end data processing, or a decision maker in need of consolidated analytics for deriving actionable information from complex large-scale data, GSF can be configured to meet your needs.

This webinar will use a storyline of example geospatial applications to:

  • Describe the capabilities of GSF for scalable data processing and information delivery
  • Introduce the diverse ecosystem of geospatial analysis tools exposed by GSF
  • Illustrate the development of customized ENVI applications within the GSF environment

What are your geospatial data analysis needs?

To download the presentation slide deck click here.

Download the webinar Q&A's here.

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