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GEOINT Defense and Intelligence Software

NV5 Geospatial has supported the Defense and Intelligence community for decades with mission-proven technology programs and solutions. Our employees and tools are embedded across the ISR community at the national, operational, and tactical levels, providing cutting-edge support to critical missions for the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and government agencies. This close partnership has uniquely positioned NV5 to continually deliver innovative geospatial intelligence solutions that meet the constantly evolving and expanding mission demands.

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Whether it’s gaining a strategic advantage or protecting resources and lives, decisions are only as sound as the information they’re based on. Our custom and off-the-shelf geospatial intelligence solutions can be found on most analysts’ systems because they are easy to learn, integrate with popular platforms such as ArcGIS, and are scientifically proven for high-confidence decision making.



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Defense and Intelligence personnel rely on our industry-leading situational awareness software and technology to turn geospatial imagery and data into timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence.

visualize complex data
support for any data type


We enable you to visualize complex data, whether it’s hyperspectral, LiDAR, SAR or Full Motion Video and Imagery so that you can interpret it and make informed decisions. We support the data sources, data types, file formats, and file sizes you use.

exploit virtually any type of geospatial solution


with our geoint software programs you can exploit virtually any type of geospatial solution including imagery, video, or data to gain tactical and strategic advantages. these solutions let you identify roads and vehicles, detect camouflaged objects, locate specific materials of interest, categorize terrain, automatically create map products, and much more.

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use jagwire to manage geospatial data
make data quickly available

data management and discovery

our federated geospatial data management solution, jagwire™, ingests and catalogues a variety of data types including imagery, full motion video, lidar, sar, and even mission chats, and quickly makes it available when it’s needed – regardless of location.

GEOINT software and solutions for defense and Intelligence

On-demand GEOINT

Our on-demand GEOINT software solutions provide scientifically proven analytics, federated geospatial data management, and powerful search and discovery capabilities based upon spatial and temporal values, chat and user-driven keywords, and user-defined key imagery fields.

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secure environment

data security

our defense software and solutions ensure that system information is compliant, interoperable and secure.

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terrain intelligence
line of site analysis
lines of communication

Mission Planning

Use our operationally proven government solutions to obtain tactical information about a geographic area before a mission begins to decrease risk and increase the probability of success. Our defense intelligence geospatial software & solutions enable you to quickly identify tactical objects such as vehicles, lines of communication and structure and provide critical information about terrain, so you can locate observation points, find suitable areas for a forward operating base, and much more.


NV5's GEOINT software solutions are used throughout the Defense and Intelligence industry from military branches to government intelligence agencies. These products offer a single, full-spectrum solution rather than disconnected software pieces that don’t speak to each other.


ENVI has been battle tested and proven over and over in real-world scenarios. ENVI analytics can be used to detect changes and anomalies, measure and extract features, model topographic characteristics, and much more.

ENVI® Deep Learning

The characteristics of the modern battlefield pose great challenges even to the most advanced militaries and government. NV5 Geospatial has experience implementing solutions that use deep learning technology and also offers the ENVI Deep Learning module to identify and extract objects of interest or discover specific conditions across vast quantities of images.


Users across the D&I ecosystem need quick access to geospatial data to monitor troop movement, detect anomalies, or to better inform the common operating picture (COP). Jagwire is a web-enabled geospatial intelligence solution that delivers an integrated platform for the processing, storing, discovery, and exploitation of geospatial data at scale.

ENVI® SARscape®

ENVI SARscape allows D&I users to easily process and analyze SAR data and generate products like DEMs or surface deformation maps, while giving the option to integrate this information with other geospatial products for more accurate, actionable intelligence.

Transform data into meaningful, contextual information

quickly understand the environment

line-of-sight analysis

extract features

Automated Feature Extraction

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