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Pinpoint Surface Changes in Near Real-Time

Understanding the current landscape and how it has changed over time provides insights that aid in the decision making for managing natural resources, conservation, and sustainable development.

Land Use Management Case Study with ENVI® Inform

With the illegal timber industry threatening the world’s forests, a company turned to ENVI Inform to monitor deforestation across an entire country. ENVI Inform’s persistent monitoring capabilities are tapped to identify changes in near-real time. By compressing the timeframe from data collection to getting actionable intelligence, they can work with local officials who can investigate and take appropriate action in a timely manner.

Identify Suspicious Activities

Understanding maritime activity around coastlines through automated monitoring gives agencies an upper hand in protecting natural resources and reducing illegal activities.

Maritime Awareness Case Study With ENVI® Inform

Automatic identification systems (AIS) transponders provide ship location, identification and other pertinent information to nearby vessels and coastal authorities. However, AIS transponders can be easily spoofed or turned off. This means that government agencies need a different way to identify ship operators that are acting in a suspicious manner. A federal government agency uses ENVI Inform automated monitoring to analyze satellite imagery and combine that information with seasonal shipping pattern data to provide local officials with maritime “patterns-of-life.” ENVI Inform scales and automates their workflow to quickly deliver critical information so resources can be prioritized to combat smuggling and illegal fishing activities.

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Monitor Ground Movement

The ground is often moving underneath our feet. Being able to understand movement that is normal and expected versus displacement that is not is essential to predict risk and mitigate damage.

Infrastructure Management Case Study With ENVI® Inform

A mining company faced financial and legislative pressure to survey ground movement around multiple tailings storage facilities (TSF) for effective risk management and early warning of potential issues. ENVI Inform provides engineers with an automated and highly accurate monitoring solution to identify ground movement at these remote sites, alert stakeholders to potential risks, and reduce the possibility of a dam rupture.

Assess Damage and Optimize Inspections

Assets are vulnerable to damage. Remotely sensed data offers a safe, efficient, and effective way to monitor critical assets to reduce risks and avoid failure.

Asset Inspection Case Study With ENVI® Inform

A wind turbine inspection company needed an automated monitoring system to help utilities better plan and maximize their repair schedules. The system had to easily scale during peak inspection seasons. Using deep learning technology, ENVI Inform transforms data captured by UAVs in the field, enabling operators to quickly and easily assess damage and schedule repairs to optimize performance of wind farms.


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