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For more than four decades, our commitment to developing scientifically proven solutions using cutting-edge geospatial software and technologies has remained constant. That’s been our mission since the Mars Mariner space probes were launched into space. And it continues to drive us to help revolutionize utilities use of imagery for inventory, inspection, and maintenance of critical infrastructure.

From collection, to data and analytics to actionable insights, NV5 Geospatial utility management software solutions helps you modernize your maintenance model to get ahead of the curve.

Get Ahead of the Maintenance Curve

Typical Run to Failure is no longer a feasible way to manage critical assets and ensure reliability. In addition to the adoption of better maintenance strategies, drones deliver a proven cost-effective way to safely inspect, monitor, and identify assets in need of maintenance or replacement. As utilities continue to embrace digital transformation as part of their vision, geospatial imagery is playing a key role in that equation; moving from a run to fail environment, to a Reliability Centered Maintenance model based on imagery analytics and actionable insights.



Utilities Webinar


Read how BladeEdge partnered with NV5 to transform turbine blade management.


Utilities Webinar


Watch this webinar and see how utilities are using drones and imagery to gain insights.



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Utility Maintenance Curve


To enable system-wide network management, it’s necessary to employ best practices for data collection to ensure you gather imagery correctly and provide a complete view of the T&D network. NV5 works with a nationwide network of expert drone pilots and aerial providers to collect data and map your network, extracting detailed information about your assets. We can collect LiDAR, imagery, or spectral data as well as gather satellite imagery.

Need data, no problem

Using drones is a cost effective, safe, and efficient way for utilities to regularly inspect assets in locations that are difficult or dangerous to access. But not all drone collects are equal. Our experts will help you define mission parameters to ensure the data captured meets your objectives as well as industry standards for downstream AI analysis.

Have data? Let’s put it to work!

Already have data, or have an in-house collection team? No problem. We’ll work with you to get your data processed, analyzed, and stored for easy access to actionable insights and downstream products. Our asset management software solutions are plug and play and can easily integrate with existing systems and in a variety of operational scenarios.

Transform data into meaningful, contextual information

Gather valuable data and leverage across the enterprise


Gather valuable data and leverage across the enterprise


use deep learning for utility management to assess damage



Stakeholders throughout the utility organization need quick access to the right data, at the right time, to make informed decisions -- whether it’s to monitor the state of an asset, mitigate vegetation risks, or respond to weather events. At the core of NV5’s utility asset management technology is an end-to-end solution based on industry-specific use cases, and designed to improve inspections and support asset management best practices.

This solution fully utilizes NV5’s core competency in centralized data and imagery management to enable the visualization of geospatial data at scale. It is able to ingest imagery, LiDAR, and other forms of remotely sensed data to analyze utility T&D assets. With NV5's utility solution, users in the field or in an operations/data center can quickly locate critical intelligence to make informed decisions with a high degree of confidence.

This solution is based on years of imagery expertise working with the Department of Defense and key government programs. Our utility asset management technology is designed to deploy any number of analytics, including image classification, multi and hyperspectral analysis, LiDAR feature extraction, and even BYOM (bring your own model). These capabilities are brought together in the form of a utility-specific solution, allowing a utility of any size to take advantage of the power of NV5’s remote sensing analytics without requiring a staff of image scientists.

Deep Learning and AI

NV5 utilizes state of the art deep learning technologies for utility management to extract insights from remotely sensed data. NV5's utility asset management technology includes a standard library of machine learning models designed to detect common anomalies on T&D assets. And, new classifiers can be developed with specific data collected by the utility and then deployed to provide tailored inspection analytics.


NV5’s utility asset management software delivers actionable insights at the right time, in the right place, to the right people. Insights derived can be integrated into other critical systems like Asset Management, Work Management, ERP, or GIS.


Deliver accurate and timely analytics that assess infrastructure

NV5’s utility asset management technology helps utilities with improved aerial inspections for their T&D assets. As more imagery is taken and centralized, utilities will be able to move into a more mature maintenance model. With NV5's technology, a utility can detect anomalies on assets such as missing or damaged components, pole split/rot, bird’s nests or other animal infestation, lightning strikes, corrosion, or rust.

drone inspection of assets

Using LiDAR data, clearance information on overhead T&D infrastructure can be calculated with NV5 technology to support minimum clearance zones between communications and electric spans as part of a joint use management plan, as well as identify potential NERC clearance violations with nearby structures. These insights can be imported into a GIS to get a clear picture of surrounding infrastructure such as under wire crossings, roads, water features, slope, and other clearance issues.


Advanced analytics to automate and detect vegetation encroachment

Traditional vegetation management practices are time consuming and not always accurate. There is a growing urgency for the development of new mitigation approaches to deal with the increased threats of wildfires and system outages. Remotely sensed imagery is a proven game changer.

automate detection of vegetation encroachment

Vegetation management represents the largest preventive maintenance expense for utilities while also being the most significant contributor to system reliability. While traditional vegetation management practices are time consuming, costly, and not always accurate, there is pressure to come up with new mitigation approaches to deal with increased threats of wildfires and system outages.

Advanced analytics to automate and detect vegetation encroachment. Our solutions can calculate the volume of tree trimming required, which benefits utilities by validating labor and equipment costs for work performed, and also enables utilities to pay for remediation per cubic foot instead of per circuit mile.


conflate your data and analytics to get a better perspective

Automated and manual conflation and identify assets at scale

Many network record databases were registered to older, inaccurate base maps. Utility consolidations and acquisitions create the challenge of merging databases, and new network build records may not be updated in a timely fashion. LiDAR data collection and processing can provide highly accurate location information for network infrastructure, substations, and real estate property.

Automated and manual conflation methods can be used to update existing network records and insert newly identified assets at scale, and results can be flowed into operational systems. Having a better asset register reduces costs, making inspections, outage management, and break/fix work more efficient by knowing exactly what components are in place. Further, knowing the current state of the network infrastructure increases reliability.


Automated UAV service to ensure data collected in the field meets criteria

Drone collects of wind turbines increase inspection speed and reduce costs enabling more frequent inspections. Drones can even calculate the most efficient routes and flight patterns to inspect assets faster. Changes can be monitored by automatic flight routines for before/after comparisons, showing where changes have occurred and where assets need attention. Defects are captured from weather and wear more accurately than the human eye, allowing for more precise maintenance activity to extend asset life.


automate uav inspection

Utility Asset Management Software

As utility companies capture and consume more remotely sensed data, establishing a centralized data management system is core to the foundation of their business. Users throughout the organization need quick access to the right data to make informed decisions whether it is to monitor the state of infrastructure, mitigate vegetation risks, or respond to natural disasters. Leveraging years of success in the defense and intelligence domain, NV5 has commercialized its advanced deep learning and data management system to deliver a utility asset management solution.



Manage Data. Discover Answers.
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NV5’s electric utility asset management solution ingests all types of imagery, video, LiDAR and other forms of remotely sensed data to analyze utility T&D infrastructure. This Technology lets users in the field or in an operations/data center quickly locate critical intelligence with advanced discovery and filtering capabilities so they can make informed decisions with a high degree of confidence.

Integration With Utility Operations

NV5 understands the requirements around operations integration and has developed a solution that works seamlessly with other operational systems such as GIS, work management, and asset management.

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