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Top educators at learning institutions across North America use ENVI image analysis software as well as our scientific programming language IDL for cutting-edge research and to prepare students for careers in commercial, government, and defense organizations.

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Academic Software Solutions

Academic Solutions for ENVI


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Student Conducts Innovative Research on Aircraft-Induced Clouds Using ENVI Software.




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Looking for image analysis and data visualization tools to keep your course curriculum relevant? NV5 Geospatial offers affordable academic software solutions to meet your rigorous standards and give students the tools they need to learn about geospatial imagery and complex numerical data.

integration of software solutions

All the Tools You Need

Working with a single vendor not only streamlines contract management, but NV5 Geospatial enables a seamless integration of software solutions across departments whether students are using the tools for remote sensing, programming or analyzing LiDAR or SAR data. ENVI products are also integrated with ArcGIS® from Esri.

Robust Curriculum

Curriculum Development

Tutorials and a robust help section are included with ENVI software. Instructors teaching with ENVI lab licenses have access to classroom training materials. "Exploring ENVI", "Introduction to IDL" and "ENVI and IDL" are tutorials that are provided upon request, at no extra cost and give you a solid foundation for building your class material.

large community of users

Extensive User Community

Our interactive user forums include a robust community that crosses disciplines, providing a rich resource for users to leverage. Webinars are another opportunity for users to learn and share knowledge.

"Teaching image processing with ENVI software means we are producing skilled workforce that is flexible, knowledgeable, and ready to get to work."

- Stuart Phinn - Professor, University of Queensland

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You need affordable software that supports your academic career today and makes you marketable for the workforce in the future. NV5 Geospatial offers student pricing on ENVI and IDL to put you ahead of the curve in the classroom.


Software Employers Use

Whether your future plans include working for a top defense, commercial or government organization, or an academic institution, familiarity with ENVI analytics will put you out front in your job search after you've graduated. ENVI is used, trusted, and respected across disciplines, and will make finding a good job at a great place that much easier.

Affordable Licenses

With student licenses available for a fraction of the cost of a commercial license, you can't afford not to get this software and get trained on it now. Plus, you'll have the option to skip the lab since you'll have access to the same tools on your personal machine.

Extensive User Community

Our interactive user forums include a robust community that crosses disciplines, providing a rich resource for you to leverage. Webinars are another opportunity for you to learn and share knowledge.

Integrated with ArcGIS

ArcGIS® from Esri is the de facto GIS software used across industries today. ENVI products integrate with ArcGIS so you can access ENVI analytics directly from the ArcGIS desktop and server environments. This lets you send results from ENVI to a geodatabase, or push information from ENVI directly into ArcMap™.


When it's your job to publish research with scientifically-validated results, your software tools have to be proven and reliable. We offer academic software solutions trusted by scientists to access, analyze, and share all types of data including airborne and satellite imagery and LiDAR and SAR data.

IDL and ENVI Software Package


Access to algorithms


scientifically proven


Customize your products



Unlike black box solutions, ENVI Products allow you to dig into the science behind the "magic". By accessing the algorithms, you can rest assured that our methods and your research will stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

The ENVI/IDL software package is inclusive with only a few add-on modules, so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs blowing up your grant budget in the final stretch.

Our software tools are based on scientifically proven methods that are backed up by published research in respected journals.

Use IDL to easily customize ENVI Products to meeting your specific needs. The possibilities are many – add custom algorithms, create new tools, reorder menu items, to name a few.

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Giving You The Tools To Be Successful


NV5 Geospatial works with educators to support academic programs that encourage students to explore careers that use complex numerical data and geospatial imagery. When ENVI image analysis software is put to work in established academic programs, students get the tools they need to be successful in their careers and for professional development following graduation.

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Academic Partner Programs

Our support of K-12 schools, community colleges, and universities extends to a number of data visualization and geospatial imagery educational programs. NV5 Geospatial proudly supports initiatives such as iGETT (Integrated Geospatial Education Technology and Training) and CalGETT (California Geospatial Education Technology and Training), which prepare students for the workforce by developing instruction that integrates geographic information systems (GIS) with remote sensing technology.

"ENVI SARscape is one of the best and most budget-reasonable, remote sensing packages for education and research. After using open source for years, we switched to ENVI SARscape because it's easy to operate and reproduce the same procedures."

- Kuo-Lung Wang - Professor, National Chin Nan University

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