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Solutions Delivery

Our Solutions Delivery group works with organizations around the world to accelerate geospatial innovations to solve some of the most challenging problems we face. Over 30 years of domain expertise in remote sensing, image analytics and software development has been refined within our team to help clients unlock the power of data and imagery to transform their businesses and change their industries.

NV5 Solution Delivery

Owing to this level of expertise, NV5 Geospatial’s scientific programmers can develop enterprise software solutions that mitigate project risk through our speed at developing code, domain expertise, and tightly integrated geospatial project management that ensures timely and successful delivery of a solution that will provide the answers you need. And answers you can trust.

NV5 Geospatial Project Management


HySpeed Computing Partners with NV5

NV5 and HySpeed Computing


NV5 helps HySpeed Computing on several groundbreaking remote sensing projects.


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See three geospatial technologies to solve customer problems across industries.

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We take raw, remotely sensed imagery and employ traditional image analysis techniques, as well cutting-edge algorithms developed in house and incorporated form the scientific community, to deliver a solution tailored to meet your specific need or solve a business challenge.

Image Science

Quantitative Image Analytics

We facilitate large volume data processing on a wide range of algorithms (e.g. data visualization, change detection, material identification) to ultimately deliver quantitative answers that you can trust.

Our forte is to create the end-to-end processing workflow including pre-processing, automated analysis, and post processing to deliver a product or tool that you can utilize to get the answers you are looking for. Today and tomorrow.

Cutting Edge Data Science

We have expertise in implementing solutions using deep learning technology to solve real-world problems for our customers. Our highly-tuned process relies less on the volume of labeled data and more on reliable training models/architectures and high-performance computing. This allows us to solve hard problems faster and more accurately than ever before. Our deep learning technology excels at automated target detection, landcover classification mapping, and scene state detection. For automated object recognition, we're obtaining > 95 percent performance on panchromatic, RGB, MSI, HSI, LiDAR, and derived point cloud data sets.

Machine learning

Feature Extraction that Delivers Quantitative Results

We use a combination of spectral and spatial data to extract features using deep learning technologies. Our team will train customer-specific deep learning models to find objects of interest, as well inspecting added information about the object to describe it spatially and look for anomalies. Examples include pole tilt, roof area, location, rail tie condition, missing attachments on bridges, and hazardous road conditions.

scalable solutions for the enterprise

Flexible and Scalable Workflows for the Enterprise

We are experts in delivering solutions to meet any geospatial data software need from commercial desktop applications to full enterprise workflows. With the emphasis on enterprise analytics, NV5 Geospatial provides the ability to deploy to our customers’ infrastructure or to host enterprise workflows to provide on-demand or automated processing as a web service. With proven COTS tools, we provide solutions that are highly scalable and highly configurable for big data batch processing.

leverage cloud computing for your analytics


We work with our customers to deliver high-performance, high-throughput processing for their data analytics via our Enterprise Solutions. We specialize in data acquisition, scalable processing in the cloud, and product delivery to a customer’s cloud infrastructure. We tailor the system to meet the specific throughput needs and systems engineering design requirements.

Why Solutions Delivery for your project?

Our customers and industry partners choose to work with us because we are experts at extracting valuable information from geospatial imagery and data, and engineering solutions that deliver critical insights to accelerate business and provide answers you can trust. We have extensive experience handling data in many complex formats from a variety of commercial, scientific, and government sources.

Extensive Experience in a Multitude of Industries

We represent a diverse range of industries, academic fields, and scientific expertise, and we are motivated by the power of technology and community to advance far beyond what any individual or singular discipline can achieve. Our Solutions Delivery offerings include but are not limited to custom software design and development, enterprise development, creation of custom workflow and UI design, process and program automation, software testing/validation and verification, and algorithm development in image science. Our software development expertise includes research and phenomenology and our team routinely builds custom, commercial‐grade applications, data processing workflows, and productivity tools. We have subject matter experts in precision agriculture, meteorology, transportation infrastructure, numeric analysis, computer science focused on scientific computing.

work with geospatial solutions experts

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