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HELIOS® Ground Weather Analytics

Do you need to know the situation on the ground, in a specific location right now? Use Helios.

Microclimates are on the rise, and as a result, there are extreme deviations of wind, snow, fog and visibility even over short distances. Organizations of all sizes need hyperlocal ground information and weather data to enhance operational efficiencies and make better decisions that can save time, money, property and even lives.

Helios environmental intelligence platform from NV5 Geospatial provides essential information about hyperlocal weather that traditional weather sources typically struggle to discern. Helios uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect the occurrence and impacts of weather in specific locations on critical ground infrastructure through its large terrestrial camera network. This timely data is important for weather-dependent decision making.


Nowcasting Real-Time Weather Information

Helios Weather Analytics


Understand Helios, nowcasting and getting accurate real-time weather information.


Helios Weather Analytics


Helios solves weather challenges.

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SaaS Platform

A scalable cloud AI processing platform is the foundation for imagery management and provides an open API and web application for content delivery. The hyperlocal weather technology platform brings large existing disparate camera networks together. This removes the need/cost to source and maintain these camera networks.

Helios Camera Network

Helios is integrated with tens of thousands of publicly available terrestrial cameras in different locations around the world. These cameras are primarily located on critical roadway infrastructure and can be easily enhanced.                                                                                                                                                      

Using AI

Helios ground weather analytics uses AI to detect and classify ground conditions and impacts day and night. The AI has been trained using millions of global, seasonal, regional and historical images for high detection rates.                                                                                                                                                              

Applications of Helios

Helios applies more than 50 years of NV5’s remote sensing and AI expertise and patented analytics to terrestrial cameras. Helios provides tip and cue alerts for changing ground weather and its impacts to support weather forecasting, traffic management, emergency response and vehicle safety in each location. Helios analyzes imagery from tens of thousands of existing public and private video cameras using a combination of machine learning and traditional image science to instantaneously identify and classify the type of condition and any changes.



There is no need to spend valuable time monitoring hundreds of cameras; let Helios® real-time ground weather analytics do it for you. A browser-based interface allows users to have an interactive mapping application that integrates multiple hyperlocal weather observations and weather data layers such as clouds or radar to get the most complete picture of weather events in a particular spot.

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Road Wetness Analytic

Helios Road Wetness Analytic provides confirmation of precipitation affecting road or pavement conditions and notifies users of wet or dry pavement and potentially dangerous locations during a storm event.

Road Snow Analytic

Helios Road Snow Analytic provides visual confirmation of snow impacting road or pavement conditions, identifying three specific road snow conditions: no snow, partially covered, and totally covered.

Road Ice Analytic

Helios Road Ice Analytic provides warning for road icing conditions by combining weather data information about precipitation on the ground, falling precipitation, fog, and road temperature.

* Helios is adding traffic congestion detection to its suite of analytics to allow users to correlate mobility with road weather conditions.

Visibility Analytic

Helios Visibility Analytic alerts users of real-time fog formation, dissipation, and overall poor visibility conditions caused by fast-moving, localized fog, heavy rain, heavy snow (white-out condition), or even smoke.

Precipitation Analytic

Helios Precipitation Analytic detects moderate-to-heavy rain conditions that require reduced speed and could result in hydroplaning and localized flooding.

Transition Analytic

Helios Transition Analytic identifies transitioning and trending ground conditions that are predictive of major incidents (e.g. knowing exactly when snow begins to accumulate can help ensure safer travel and efficient deployment of resources).


The Helios Explore web app provides on-screen visualization capabilities to get the complete weather picture. Our interactive map interface allows you to browse live imagery from the vast camera network, view real-time weather alerts from the National Weather Service and view traditional weather sources such as radar and cloud cover.

With access to the full Helios API, you can also perform powerful searches and save imagery using recordings or collections, all from your desktop or mobile device.

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