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Computer Based Training


Several months ago I published a short blog detailing our new online training option known as computer based training (CBT). Since many companies are dealing with tighter travel budgets, we decided to start offering training on the latest and greatest innovations in the ENVI and IDL product lines from the comfort of your office or home. While nothing can replace having an extremely knowledgeable instructor right there for hands on help, CBT's allow users to take a wide variety of training courses from anywhere with an internet connection (if you will be without an internet connection these CBT's can be saved to disk). This will save you countless hours of travel as well as the time it takes to sift through material you may not need. Since our CBTs are short modules, you'll have the flexibility to pick and choose what you want to explore. The training gives you the flexibility to quickly hone and learn that skills you need for the task at hand.

Currently we have three CBT's on our training page that can be found here. The first training is great for those of you that are new to ENVI software and remote sensing in general. Once you have gotten yourself acquainted with the basics of the application, the next two CBT's offer more comprehensive trainings and discussions on important topics: Working with SWIR data; and, identifying and detecting materials using Hyperspectral Imagery. 

The only thing required to access this online training is a login to the exelisvis.com website. Once you have received this login you will be ready to start training! In order to make the training more applicable to the real world, we provide a training dataset for each CBT so if you have an ENVI license you can follow along with the CBT step-by-step. We are constantly updating the CBT page with new training modules, so be sure to check back regularly to see if there is a topic pertinent to your workflow, or if you are just curious about how to work with a certain data type within ENVI/IDL.

As always please do not hesitate to shoot me questions or comments at mhallas@harris.com.