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Computer Based Training



I want to tell you about the newest ENVI, IDL and ENVI LiDAR training offering, computer based training(CBT). This online offering can help teach you new skills as well as review processing steps at your own speed right from your home or office. Not everyone has the time to leave their office for several days and attend training, but everyone needs to continue their education. Not everyone has the money to pay for expensive training courses that are not always specifically tailored to your workflow. With computer based training you can work at your own speed, for no additional cost, and find the right training module for your workflow.

Our computer based training modules will range from a wide variety of topics and difficulty levels, ensuring that you can become an ENVI and IDL expert if you put in the time. These training modules will be short and consumable, allowing you to run and understand complex workflows such as rare target detection and identification, but some modules will also focus on basic instruction regarding how to load in a wide array of data types into ENVI. You can also stop in the middle of a training and start back at the same point, flexibility helps to make online training so successful. As long as you have a website login then you will be able to access the trainings.

The page will be live starting next week so make sure to check back on our site periodically to see what new CBT's we have available.

The way this works is you go to the Training page found on the Learn tab of the Exelis website. Once here you select the computer based training tab and you will see the current CBT offerings. We will be continually adding more modules throughout the year. After choosing the module it will automatically start with a narration detailing what this specific module will focus on, you can also read the text describing that module including prerequisites and learning objectives.  There will be a seekbar and a play/pause button at the bottom of the CBT where you can pause the current interaction. If you want to know how to navigate through the modules then simply hit the tab titled ‘Training Module Navigation Guide’ and a guided tutorial will detail how to move through the CBT's. You will have the ability to download the data used in the CBT so that you can follow along on your personal machine in an effort to interactively work with the software.

Within each module you can find a glossary of commonly used terms, detailed background information on the topic at hand, and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the training in ENVI/IDL/ENVI LiDAR. The screenshots and narrations will help to act the part of your over the shoulder trainer. Some people like to have a visual representation of what they are learning to accompany this narration and that is why you will also see instructions in the Resources tab found at the top-right of all CBT modules.

It is suggested if you are starting at an entry level with any of our applications that you begin with the Mastering the Basics training modules, they will allow you to get on your feet quickly to then move into more complex processing and analysis. If you have suggestions for CBT topics that use ENVI, IDL or ENVI LiDAR then please send me an email - Matt.Hallas@exelisinc.com.