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EAS 2017: Unlocking the value in remote sensing data


Well folks, the ENVI Analytics Symposium is just around the corner – August 22-24, at the Brown Palace in Denver, CO. We moved the event from Boulder to accommodate a few more people, but the goal again is to keep the event small and intimate so attendees can network, talk one-on-one to experts, and be immersed in the remote sensing world.

I see the main theme this year as a pivot to exploring true applications of the remote sensing trade to build businesses, revenue streams, and transition to the operational level for cloud implementation. In the last few years, the big guns were assembling platforms to access imagery and analytics; those are now seen as common place in the remote sensing world with more and more people jumping on the band wagon. With this trend, the commitment to remote sensing standards and best practices is more important than ever—you can hype cloud and petabyte processing, but if your image is garbage or poorly preprocessed, you’re nowhere.

So August 22nd will be a workshop day with lectures from experts in the remote sensing industry. I will be presenting on vegetation analytics in remote sensing, a field that still confounds many in terms of what can and can’t be done. We’ll have hands-on sessions for accessing partner platforms and executing tasks to create end solutions. One of the key pieces users will get from this year’s agenda line up is taking ideas for bringing an imagery tool to the masses, making it real, affordable, and profitable. This isn’t just a head-in-the-clouds science conference, but one that will stir ideas and provide the operational know how of creating real solutions in remote sensing for the masses.

My main take away from last year’s conference was the seismic shift to cloud data access and enterprise computing. This year’s lineup is seeing that vision come to fruition with techniques and tools to make imagery and data more and more valuable. I can’t imagine a better line-up of speakers, ones from competitive businesses in panel discussions, talking about their visions for imagery and data. Last year there were a few talks on Deep Learning; this year has a whole session devoted to AI. Remote sensing people have known for years that the value of remote sensing is in the data, it just has to be unlocked. EAS last year was exploring the lock; this year’s set of presentation is all about the key – bringing ideas to reality. I hope you’ll join us for this exceptional event and share your vision for remote sensing/imagery operational implementations.

To learn more and register visit www.NV5GeospatialSoftware.com/EAS.

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