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ENVI -- On a mission


When you’re in the foothills or mountains of Afghanistan or Iraq, a statement like “identify targets and threats to get the actionable intelligence you need” is appealing. And while “improve your situational awareness with ENVI” is a marketing claim, when you’re in theater, using the technology does saves lives.

Just a few years ago, I was one of the many individuals that were prevented from executing “Out-side the Wire missions”. What that means is because there were identified threats that would have jeopardized my life and the lives of those I was charged to protect, we had to get creative about getting the job at hand done. Our mission was to enable the rebuilding of a country without engaging the enemy. ENVI not only provided a way to ensure mission effectiveness, but helped us successfully navigate through hostile territory with a high level of confidence that we would not be engaged by enemy forces.

Today I support NV5 (formerly Harris) to expand ENVI's capability and bring it to a wider market. As a Contracts professional, my organization ensures the safe deployment of the ENVI product which means following and enforcing government and commercial regulations that allow NV5 to provide civil, commercial as well as military use. ENVI software solutions are widely being used to: 

  • Quickly identify mineral deposits using hyperspectral imagery
  • Develop models to improve predictability of weather patterns
  • Improve situational awareness about unknown terrain before a mission even gets started

As these capabilities are incorporated into an organization, they must be vetted to ensure they are legally integrated into existing software and appropriately licensed to various users in accordance with their needs. Contract Managers are at the front line of ensuring success in getting the product to market and getting it into the hands that need it.

It’s been several years since I have been a customer of the robust capabilities offered by ENVI. There are many new threats facing our military members. ENVI continues to rise to meet those challenges by providing an even higher level of confidence today.  ENVI will help today’s war-fighters successfully complete their missions and return safely. Better yet, ENVI can thwart disaster by providing the GIS that identifies a high-risk threat that jeopardizes the lives of our military members before they get into harm’s way. As a contract professional ensuring the success of ENVI is more than making a sale, it’s a new mission.