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ENVI Tasks make ENVI even smarter


In my last blog, I wrote about a few ways ENVI Task is making it easier for developers to quickly deploy functional image processing workflows and batch routines. This week I'd like to discuss how ENVI Tasks are making it easier to build workflows that are procedurally robust.

When I say procedurally robust, I'm talking about the correct order of image processing operations to obtain an accurate and repeatable result. For example, is it best to resample (an interpolation step) a raster before or after the primary analytic is applied? What about sub-setting (reducing the extent) of a raster - should that be done before or after the task is run? Get the order correct and instill confidence in the answer your customer demands. Get it wrong and you might be misrepresenting your results.

We are building properties into each ENVI Task object that help a client or programmer understand the impact of these decisions. In this way, we like to say we are making ENVI smarter.

You can check outthese properties in our online help system for ENVI Task: http://www.exelisvis.com/docs/ENVITask.html Look under COMMUTE_ON_DOWNSAMPLE and COMMUTE_ON_SUBSET for more details.

Can you think of additional properties that we should carry with the task that will make ENVI smarter? If so, let us know in the comments below.