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ENVI Tasks – So easy even I get it


I am not a coder. I try to understand, but often find my self scratching my head. I do see the value in tasks, and understand that the sky is really the limit of what I can do with analysis on the web, or even more rapidly on the desktop. So how do I bridge the gap? ENVI Tasks. Below is a screenshot of the Task for Spectral Indices. We take the complication out of coding the process and literally define each step so there is no gray areas. It is literally copy, paste, update directories, compile, and run. Seems simple enough.

While there are over 100 tasks in ENVI+IDL currently, that is not the limit. From there, it only gets better. Add in someone who understands tasks and has a passion for what they do and so much is possible. You can take an algorithm you read in a journal flying back from a tradeshow, and now you have Landsat Built-Up Land task.

(Pic Credit JoePeters Built Up Land Task)

Now you can run an analysis with one click, or add it into a batch process, kick the script off and take on huge datasets while you are away over the weekend. Take it one step further and deploy these simple task in a web instance and now you can have users in the field running NDVI on a tablet while they are standing in the actual field.

(Pic Credit Beau Legeer’s ESE Spectral Indices Web App)

ENVI Tasks are literally that easy and the possibilities are truly endless of how you can grow and deploy your analysis.

ENVI Tasks, I get them.