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ENVI® Under the Hood: Powering Geospatial Innovation with the ENVI Ecosystem

Erin Eckles

The exponential growth in the number of geospatial sensors and the amount of data they collect has fundamentally transformed how we understand and interact with our planet. Today, using geospatial data is more than a trend – it’s a necessity. But with great data comes great responsibility: the challenge is unearthing actionable insights from high-volumes of data. Enter the realm of advanced geospatial analysis – made simpler and more efficient by the ENVI Ecosystem.

The ENVI Ecosystem stands alone in the complex world of geospatial data analysis, offering an unmatched blend of precision and user-friendly versatility. It is designed to empower everyone in an organization, from beginners to seasoned experts, to collaborate and get the most value from geospatial data. Acting as the powerhouse behind the dynamic ENVI Ecosystem is ENVI – the industry’s gold standard geospatial processing and analysis software.

ENVI: Facilitating Geospatial Expertise Across an Organization

ENVI Desktop

ENVI was initially built as a desktop application and has a storied legacy as a trusted leader in remote sensing. Renowned for its scientifically proven analytics, ENVI serves as the foundational component of the ENVI Ecosystem. It offers unparalleled capabilities in processing and analyzing all types of geospatial data, from imagery to LiDAR and SAR.

ENVI desktop users can craft custom workflows and develop unique algorithms that can be easily shared across an organization through the ENVI Ecosystem. This not only guarantees maximum information extraction, but also fosters collaboration while ensuring reliability and trust.

ENVI Connect: Unleashing Collaboration and Scientific Democratization

ENVI Connect is a game-changer, transforming how geospatial data and products are shared and utilized across the enterprise. It's not just a tool; it's a conduit for collaboration, extending the reach of ENVI's scientific capabilities to a broad audience. ENVI Connect simplifies the process – pick your imagery, pick your analytic, and hit “go.” Unlike its desktop counterpart, there are no parameters to set, and very little training required to utilize this web-based tool.

In addition to the analytics that come out of the box in ENVI Connect, its tight integration with ENVI further makes image science accessible to the masses. It’s easy for image processing workflows created in ENVI to be deployed to ENVI Connect where non-experts can apply them. In addition to workflows, imagery products created in ENVI can also be published in ENVI Connect for others to view, analyze, and/or annotate, making collaboration and data sharing easy.

By combining the powerful remote sensing capabilities in ENVI with the accessibility of ENVI Connect, organizations can bring image science to non-imagery experts without the need for training. This enables teams, regardless of their scientific background, to access, analyze, and leverage geospatial information effectively. Since collaboration and data sharing are a breeze, it fosters an environment where insights are pooled, and decisions are made collectively, ensuring everyone, from field experts to decision-makers, is on the same page.

ENVI Connect

ENVI Inform: Mastering Persistent Monitoring for Informed Decisions

ENVI Desktop

In our data-driven world, consistent monitoring of vast areas is critical. ENVI Inform rises to this challenge by automating the processing and analysis of large datasets to deliver insights. One of the keys to its success is ENVI.

As new geospatial data for an area of interest is made available, ENVI Inform automatically retrieves, processes, and analyzes it using workflows and algorithms developed in ENVI. These workflows and algorithms can be provided by experts within an organization or by the experts who create and develop ENVI at NV5 Geospatial. By quickly automating standard or custom workflows, ENVI Inform creates scalable monitoring services that are crucial for making informed decisions.

The Synergy of the ENVI Ecosystem

The true strength of the ENVI Ecosystem lies in the seamless integration of its components – ENVI, ENVI Connect, and ENVI Inform. And, what makes the Ecosystem hum is ENVI under the hood – with its foundational scientific accuracy, robust processing and analysis, and the ability for custom workflows and algorithms to be created and pushed out across the ecosystem. This gives users of all experience levels across an organization the ability to solve problems with geospatial data. All they need to do is choose the option that best fits their needs and preferred working environment.