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Maximize Your Organization’s Investment in Imagery With the ENVI® Ecosystem

Erin Eckles

The ENVI Ecosystem has established itself as the industry standard for image processing and analysis. It is the go-to platform for organizations requiring precise and quantifiable information from geospatial data to inform decision making. One reason why so many organizations use it, is its versatility. The ENVI Ecosystem enables organizations to create tailored approaches to meet the diverse needs of different user groups. This is crucial for organizations seeking to maximize efficiency and output.

The ENVI Ecosystem is comprised of three interconnected solutions: ENVI, ENVI Connect, and ENVI Inform. In this blog post, we will discuss these solutions to help your organization determine which ones best align with its needs. If you want additional information, simply fill out this form and we’ll follow up with you.

When should ENVI be used?

ENVI software is a robust tool used across numerous industries globally to derive timely, reliable, and accurate information from geospatial data and imagery. Your organization should consider ENVI for its ability to:

  • Process and analyze imagery on desktop systems
  • Handle multiple data sets simultaneously
  • Integrate data from different modalities
  • Adjust parameters for detailed image processing and rigorous data analysis
  • Customize tools using an API or visual programming environment
  • Create geospatial analytics and workflows that can be shared and used across the rest of the Ecosystem
When should ENVI be used?
ENVI Connect

When is ENVI Connect the right solution?

ENVI Connect is a user-friendly web application designed for swift data discovery, visualization, analysis, and product generation. It’s ideal for organizations looking to:

  • Access and manipulate imagery, whether in the cloud or on-premises
  • Conduct rapid visual and non-visual assessments
  • Create, visualize, and disseminate geospatial products
  • Collaborate on geospatial problem-solving across departments
  • Extend the reach of scientific analysis to non-expert members within an organization

When is ENVI Inform the best choice?

ENVI Inform is geared for automated cloud-based processing and analysis and provides continuous insights. Utilize ENVI Inform when your organization needs:

  • A hands-off approach with an automated monitoring system
  • Regular delivery of insights and actionable intelligence
  • To process and analyze large volumes of data
  • Tailored solutions that align with your specific operational requirements
  • A way to avoid getting bogged down in the technical minutiae of geospatial data processing
When is ENVI Insight the best choice?


By understanding the various options within the ENVI Ecosystem and their individual and collective strengths, your organization can select the most appropriate ones for your specific scenarios. If the best fit for your organization is still not clear, we invite you to discuss requirements with our experts. Please fill out this form, and we’ll help you determine the most effective solution.