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UAV toolkit 2.1

Zachary Norman

UAV Toolkit 2.1!

I’m happy to announce that an updated version of the UAV Toolkit has been created and published on GitHub for everyone to access. Here is a short summary of the latest changes:

  • Access to all of the source code via GitHub

  • Complete automation of the process for generating and applying tie points to images

  • Refactoring and optimization of much of the code

  • Support for any multispectral sensor that creates separate images for each band (provided each file has the same image dimensions)

  • Packaged using the ENVI Task framework

  • Refocused tools for band-band alignment (meaning other routines have been removed)

You can find the latest version of the toolkit at https://github.com/envi-idl/UAVToolkit. For any requests or bugs, use the “Issues” tab for the main repository to communicate them.

Happy UAV processing!