ENVI Analytics for Students, Researchers and Instructors

Academic programs that teach remote sensing concepts must have a modern curriculum to keep pace and successfully prepare students to enter the workforce. New sensors providing high-quality and diverse datasets are being used across the world by industry, government, and academia to solve many of today’s most pressing problems. This translates into an increased demand for workers who can generate insights and answers from the data.

The diversity of remote sensing processing and analysis software on the market presents a unique challenge for academic programs. While some technology includes the ability to work with remotely sensed data, their capabilities are often limited. To overcome those limitations, a growing number of academic programs and labs are deploying industry-standard tools like ENVI® to equip students for their future careers.

Contact us to learn more about how NV5 Geospatial has made it easy for students, professors and university departments and labs to deploy ENVI.

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