Reimagine the Way You Program with IDL for VSCode

It’s time to upgrade your coding environment! Watch this recorded webinar to get started with the IDL for VSCode extension; it’s free and it will modernize the way you work with IDL – the trusted scientific programming language used across disciplines to create meaningful visualizations out of complex numerical data. By bringing IDL into Visual Studio Code – one of the world’s most popular text editors – this extension simultaneously removes barriers for those learning to program and streamlines workflows for the experts among us.

Whether you are a long-time IDL user, or you are just getting started – you will benefit from watching this webinar.

It covers:

  • How new IDL Notebooks seamlessly bring IDL and ENVI together with VSCode for a modern, user-friendly experience
  • How this extension makes it easy for new users to learn IDL
  • How essential VSCode features like hover help, auto-complete, and syntax highlighting can immediately increase efficiency
  • How to install the IDL for VSCode extension and start using it today, complete with configuration tips and tricks
  • How to access IDL for VSCode resources built directly into the extension, designed to get you up and running quickly
  • How to join our community Github Project, where you can provide immediate feedback, request new features, or start a discussion with your peers


Download presentation slides here.

Want to learn more? Check out the videos below and learn more about IDL Notebooks today!


Watch a quick demo to learn about IDL Notebooks, available in IDL for VSCode


Watch the full, in-depth tutorial about IDL Notebooks