Geospatial Software and Technology for Enterprise

Remotely sensed datasets have grown in size and number. As a result, standard desktop computers have been overwhelmed by the processing power needed to extract information from these voluminous datasets. Responding to customer needs, NV5 Geospatial has developed an array of enterprise geospatial software solutions tailor-made for users at all stages of enterprise deployment.

Whether you want to scale up your ENVI/IDL desktop processing or get a rapid answer from a large data set, we have the solution for you.

A Tailored Technology Solution to Meet Your Needs

As the geospatial analytics leader, customers regularly turn to us to create enterprise geospatial technology as a key part of their business growth strategy. NV5 Geospatial has the skills and experience to help your organization transition from desktop to scalable and planet-scale data processing applications.

We develop geospatial software and technology enterprise solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. This could include deploying a solution to your infrastructure, hosting a cloud solution, providing compute power behind the scenes, or architecting a solution that includes imagery and workflows.



ENVI Helps with water quality analysis


Read how remote sensing images and analytics are used to monitor water pollution.

Speed up processing and analysis With ENVI® Server


Save time and speed up image processing and analysis With ENVI® Server.


On-premises Software Solutions

We know how hard it can be to transition from desktop processing to the cloud. We went through these growing pains ourselves and have helped many customers on this journey. A great first step to enterprise processing is deploying automated workflows to local servers.

How can we help?

Considerations for an on-premises solution:

  Data is sensitive
  Analytics are protected
  Data is too large to move to the cloud

Our on-premises solutions provide you with:

  Full control of the process
  Custom workflow creation in ENVI®
  Processing on large data sets
  Rapid R&D or algorithm development
  Easy deployment

Easily build custom workflows with the ENVI Modeler and deploy anywhere

If you don’t have experience creating front-end applications and want a simple way to run processing at a larger scale than your desktop, ENVI is the perfect solution! The ENVI Modeler enables you to perform batch processing and create custom, reusable workflows without writing a single line of code. Your workflows can be deployed to our server technologies and you can use ENVI as a client to manage and run remote processing.


Examples of on-premises solutions:

  • Scenario 1

    Jerome collects hyperspectral UAV data that can be terabytes (TB) in size, so he uses servers with optimized drives and local processing to get the answers he needs.

    Scenario 2

    Javier works for the government and their data is classified so they are required to use local, on-premises processing that is disconnected from the outside world.

    Scenario 3

    Danielle's company invested in servers optimized for CPU processing and wants to use on-premises hardware. This solution is ideal for scaling and processing her SAR data.

Automated, Cloud-based Analytics

Our enterprise software solutions enable you to completely automate the generation of geospatial technology products and provides you with the ability to scale if, and when, demand grows.

You may need automated, cloud-based analytics if you:

  Don’t want the worry of managing cloud resources and systems
  Want access to scalable infrastructure technology to optimize resources and data
  Have data that lives in the cloud

Important things to consider when getting started:


We can connect to nearly any source of imagery. Our technology supports nearly 200 file formats and sensors.


It is easy to take desktop workflows into the cloud. We make it seamless to create and re-use workflows in different processing environments, including cross-platform.


We understand that you likely have different requirements for the final products of each of your workflows. We include common formats for GeoTIFF, NITF, ENVI formatted files, Shapefiles, GeoJSON, and more. Our solutions delivery team also has all the tools needed to ensure your workflows generate the products you need.


Not interested in managing or hosting your own infrastructure? We have our own dedicated, auto-scaling, cloud-hosted solution that you can programmatically access for all of your data processing needs.



Examples of cloud-based solutions:

  • Scenario 1

    Remote sensing expert Andy wants to run his deep learning model when Sentinel 2 data is available in AWS.

    Scenario 2

    Becky has a simple workflow that prepares her data for analysis by doing radiometric calibration and atmospheric correction. Her workflow is fully automated and uses the Azure Blob Storage system to auto-detect when new data needs to be processed.

    Scenario 3

    Lewis manages the IT infrastructure for a data science team. Instead of hosting their own infrastructure in the cloud, they use NV5 Geospatial’s hosted platform to process all of their enterprise data programmatically.

Full-scale Enterprise Applications

We know that no single solution is suitable for every customer. That is why we have architected our advanced enterprise solutions so that we can put the components together like puzzle pieces to solve specific problems. If our other enterprise systems don’t fit your needs, take a look at our custom, full-scale enterprise applications. Do you need a user-interface to solve a specific workflow or problem or want a way for your users to visualize or interact with data inputs and outputs? NV5 Geospatial Solution Delivery can help you with full-scale enterprise solutions.


This could fit your needs if:

  You need more than headless, automated processing
  A user-interface or web application is required for your company
  You need a data catalog to store inputs and outputs for later use

Our full-scale solutions provide you with:

  Web application software for selecting inputs and visualizing outputs
  Store processing outputs in data catalogs
  Advanced visualization of imagery, point clouds, and video datasets
  Automated processing with user workflow to QA/QC results

For many of our customers, these solutions come together to create:

Examples of full-scale enterprise solutions:

From Data and Imagery to Insights and Answers

Let’s find a solution that meets your company's project requirements. Contact us. Let’s get started today!