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Last Post 27 Jan 2021 05:04 PM by  sedat sedat
Class Distribution (SAM)
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sedat sedat

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New Member

27 Jan 2021 05:04 PM
    Hi. I am working with AST_07XT(atmospherically and cross talk corrected) product of ASTER in ENVI Classic 5.3. When i use supervised classification method with Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) algorithm, i open a single color image to display overlay classification. Then i have a look class distribution to decide about which classes i sould convert to vector for GIS. For example i see %15 distribution of hornblend (USGS Spec. Lib.) when choose class ditribution on classification interactive tool option tab. But when i put a tick on hornblend to see class overlay on a single color image, nothing gets appear. Then i load the claas image to new display then right click to activate cursor location/value to see which classes are created especially the one most distributed, i see completely different class name (mazzinite, USGS SPec. Lib) on cursor value. To check the distribution of mazzinite from class distribution i see %0. I want to say before forgetting, I select all the spectras (481 spectras USGS Spec. Lib.) at once then SAM.
    In the other hand with my custom field spectral library also same wavelengths with USGS Spec. Lib with 65 spectras i do all the things same but no different between class distribution percentages and overlayed classes on single color image cursor value. Also no problem with JPL library.
    Can you explain this amazing inconsistency situation, thanks in advance...
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