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SARscape 5.0

What’s New in SARscape® 5.0

The newest release of SARscape – version 5.0 – introduces significant improvements to simplify and advance your SAR analysis. The following topics are the points of major interest:

  • Integration within ENVI 5.0
  • Native support of x64 platforms
  • GPS data are supported
  • New processing chain for Geophysical Modeling
  • DEM fusion tools


  • Processing functionalities and interfaces have been redesigned to be more users friendly and better performing within the new ENVI 5.0 environment.
  • The Data Import functions have been moved from the Basic Module to the main menu.
  • The 64 bit implementation is a major step forward to solve memory allocation related problems, which were often reported when working with large datasets. It also provides advantages in terms of processing performance.
  • GPS data (SINEX and GSI format) can be ingested and used as input for any processing where GCP files are needed.
  • The Test Datasets have been restructured. They can now be selected and executed directly from the main SARscape menu. Moreover they are associated with a .sav file which allows to handle each specific step, and the relevant processing parameters, through the batch interface.


  • DEM fusion – It includes a set of functionalities, which are dedicated to combine Digital Elevation Models. These tools allow merging DEMs generated by SARscape and/or other sources.
  • GPS tools: under-sampling, filtering, slant range propagation and projection.

Basic Module

Null values, which are found within some COSMO-SkyMed original data, are automatically interpolated during the multilooking step.

Focusing Module

A “generic data” focusing has been implemented to handle space borne products, which are not among those already supported (sensor-specific panels).

Interferometry Module

  • The main menu interface has been redesigned in order to simplify and fasten the processing chain understanding and execution.
  • The Geophysical Modeling includes a set of functions intended to model geodetic data which characterize a generic displacement source (in this release, tectonic and volcanic phenomena are considered).

Interferometric Stacking Module

  • Persistent Scatterers - The processing can be performed without any limitation in terms of data dimensions.
  • Phase Unwrapping (SBAS) - Problems related to the network creation in the 3-D approach, have been solved.
  • SBAS incremental processing – It allows the continuous displacement monitoring, getting rid of the inconvenience to reprocess the old data (previously available and processed temporal stack). Only new entry acquisitions are handled after the first SBAS iteration.
  • Temporary or redundant products are not kept among the final SBAS outputs anymore; this strongly reduces the required disk space. Moreover the entire repository structure has been improved to avoid failures when folders are moved or renamed.

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I am doing Ph.D in Geo_informatics at department of Earth Science, Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu, India. Sir, I need ENVI 5.0 software. So, how much cost and please replay.

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Cherie Muleh

Dear S. Raja, Can you please send me your email address? I will be happy to get this information to you. Thank you.

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hi .. I'm studying Phd in University Putra Malaysia. we have the licensed ENVI 4.7 but we need to use SARScape. I have been asked to know the price of SARScape 4.3 .. how much it is ??

you can e-mail me

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I need ENVI 5.0 software. So, how much cost and please replay.

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Kim WooHyuon

I want ENVI SAR Scape functional manual(instructions).

I need oceanic sar processor(function).

If ENVI SARscape has that function, I will buy.

Plz reply as soon as possible.

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Ankur Singh


I need ENVI SARScape 5.0 for my office. I want a price quotation for 5 licenes



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looking for this,

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Masoud Mahdianpari


I am doing Ph.D at department of Electrical ENG, Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada and we have ENVI 5.2 but we want to buy SARscape. So, how much the cost and please replay.

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Sara Dahhani

Hello ,

I need to know the price of envi and Sarscape , i leave in Morocco so please can you tell me where can i get it ?

Thank you

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