ENVI: How to access ENVI Help & Resources

This Help Article provides information about accessing ENVI Help & Resources.

There are different ways to start the ENVI Online Help System :

- From within the new ENVI interface:  Select Help > Contents from the new ENVI interface

- From within the ENVI Classic interface: Select Help > Start ENVI Classic Help from the ENVI Classic interface

- On Windows: the ENVI Help System can be started from the Start> Programs > ENVI x.x > Help > ENVI Help or ENVI Classic Help menus

- On UNIX/Linux/MAC: the IDL Help System can be started using the "envihelp" or"envihelp -classic" commands in a terminal

 The ENVI Online Help System includes:

  • Extensive reference on ENVI Tools and workflows with technical explanations and guidance to use them.
  • Extensive references on ENVI API to run ENVI batch codes with explanations of syntax, arguments, keywords and code examples.
  • Extensive tutorials and examples to help you learn basic and advanced ENVI functionality. Select Tutorials in the Contents Tab of the ENVI Help to access them from the new interface and Getting Started > Tutorials  from the Table of Contents of the ENVI Help in ENVI Classic.

 In addition to the ENVI Online Help System:

  • The Resource DVD provided with the ENVI installation DVD contains the data files you need to complete the Tutorials included in the ENVI Help System

  • The tutorials are also available on the website:


  • For ENVI 5.0 or later, help for the ENVI API can also be found on the Documentation Center on the Exelis Visual Information Solutions website at:


  • ENVI Release Notes and the Advanced Topics in Licensing in PDF format are available on the installation DVD in the /<media>/info/ folder. These documents are also available as links when you download ENVI or the License Server from our website.
  • Product Installation instructions are available for each product and platform from the Download and Licensing Center (accessible by license administrators for ENVI 5.4 and IDL 8.6 and later).  
For access and information to previous versions, please contact Technical Support.
  • Licensing instructions are available at the following links:

License installation instructions and FAQ for ENVI versions 5.4 and later

License installation instructions for ENVI versions prior to 5.4

  • ENVI System requirements and Features supported are available in the ENVI Online Help System (under Contents > About ENVI for the new interface and in the Table of Contents for ENVI Classic) or in the following link: 
Platform and Feature Support 

If you need assistance using your ENVI Help System, please contact Technical Support

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jose antonio orellana

los tutoriales tambien deberian sacar en español para latinoamerica en especial para bolivia

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Maggi Fort

Hi there, I put imagse of high-pass filter and sobel edge detection filter results from a quickbird image in my manuscript with a legend (white to black in numbers one from 0 to400 and one is from -54 to +34 !!!). One of the reviewers asked to put units for my map! Actually really don't have any idea what the unites are, this map is a result of IDRISI software! Any idea?

Thanks for your help in advance


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