Self Help Resources for ENVI and IDL Questions

Not sure where to find the online help your looking for? Below are descriptions and links to all the online resources available to you as an ENVI and/or IDL customer.

General Questions

Find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about our products in our Product FAQs page.

Product FAQs

ENVI or IDL online Help / Product Documentation and Resources

For each respective product the Help system provides descriptions of available routines, installed components, programming concepts, sample codes and much more. Also, several other resources are available, to support you when using our products. Learn how to access the ENVI and IDL Help and Resources in the following Help Articles:

How to access ENVI Help & Resources

How to access IDL help & Resources

Documentation Center

Find reference guides, help documents, and product libraries for all our products: ENVI, IDL, ENVI LiDAR and ESE in the Exelis VIS product documentation center.


Help Articles

Browse a list of recent technical articles containing tips, tricks, and advice for using ENVI and IDL.



Tutorials  (ENVI only)

Step-by-step guides to help you get the information you need from your data or imagery.Topics range from general ENVI functionality to using hyperspectral tools.



Recorded Webinars

Learn data visualization and analysis with IDL and image processing and analysis with ENVI from your desktop using recorded web seminars.



User Forums

ENVI and IDL user communities provide a wealth of information. From industry specific threads to code suggestions and application examples, these forums will inspire ideas, answer questions, and keep you connected with the community


Extension Library

The Extensions library gives you access to customized ENVI and ENVI LiDAR extensions, IDL developed programs, and code samples that can help you get the information you need from geospatial and numerical data.To access the Extensions library, you must log into the Exelis VIS website. 




Watch and share Exelis videos that highlight the problem solving capabilities of ENVI, ENVI LiDAR, and IDL.




Read up on the latest news regarding data visualization software like IDL, ENVI, ENVI LiDAR and more at the Exelis VIS blog.



Related Sites

Links to the internet sites that contain useful information about IDL and ENVI. Check out these links to find books, code contributions, training opportunities, consulting, user tips, and more.




ENVI and IDL reference books that are available for purchase through Amazon.



Internet Search Engines

Don't forget that you can also find additional information about our products in the Internet, by using your browser and related search engines.

Need more help? Contact the Exelis VIS Technical Support.

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