ENVI SARscape 5.4 Release Notes

What’s New in SARscape® 5.4

  • The newest release of SARscape – version 5.4.0 – introduces several algorithmic improvements and new features. The key features among the new enhancements are:
  • New tool: A Sentinel-1 orbit file downloader added, which allows to populate and/or update the orbit repository.
  • The Sentinel Downloader now supports automatic resuming to avoid re-downloading portions of files already downloaded.
  • DeGrandi filtering speedup and incremental processing support.
  • ScanSAR interferometry (TSX e PALSAR2) support.
  • New tool: Ship detection.
  • New tool: Moving target detection.
  • New coherence workflows.
  • Automatic SRTM-1v3 DEM (1 arcsecond) extraction and mosaicking.
  • SBAS and CCD cluster products available on request (new license needed).
  • It is now possible to check for the availability of new patches directly from the SARscape menu.
  • The SARscape processing functionalities are now available through the ENVI Task System.

Please note: SARscape 5.4.0 is only compatible with ENVI 5.4.


  • The Sentinel Downloader now supports automatic resuming to avoid re-downloading portions of files already downloaded.
  • Sentinel-1 import improvement:
    • Possibility to import only one polarization in case of dual-pol data.
    • The creation of a multilooked power image (_pwr) can be disabled. 
    • If a geographic polygon shapefile (lat/lon coordinates) is provided in the optional files tab, only the bursts intersecting or included in this polygon will be imported.
    • Automatic mosaic of consecutive acquisitions. If in the input list there are some consecutive acquisitions (along the same relative orbit), the imported data will be automatically mosaicked.
  • Download of Sentinel-2 data.
  • Download tool for Sentinel-1 orbit files, allowing to populate or update the local orbit
  • repository.
  • The Sentinel Downloader can download .kml preview files for Sentinel-1 SLC and GRD
  • data.


  • It is now possible to check for the availability of new patches directly from the SARscape menu.
  • Preferences now allowing the creation of Quick Look also in PNG format.
  • Support for Hungarian Cartographic System.
  • Phase to Height step now allows to have DEM results in ellipsoidal and/or geoidal heights.
  • SARscape Import module inserted in the ENVI menu "Open As>SARscape".
  • Some import tools allow the insertion of several input files nested in sub-directories by using the “add folder” function in the input file list and selecting the folder containing all the sub-directories. This can be used, for example, to select a large amount of Sentinel’s manifest.safe files during the import of a stack of images.
  • Preferences now allowing to disable the automatic display of results (helpful in case of a large number of images).
  • View SARscape header file.
  • New default preferences added: “Squinted Data” and “TSX_ScanSAR”.
  • Integrated OpenCL CPU-only runtime updated to Intel version 16.1.1 (Windows only).
  • New “Diagnostics>Check OpenCL config” menu under “Administration” to quickly check the selected OpenCL platform/device.
  • The SARscape processing functionalities are now available through the ENVI Task System.


 Radarsat-2 import tool now supports NITF format.
 Import Tiff now supports Tiled tiff and RGB.

General Tools

  • It is now possible to extract SRTM-1v3 DEM (1 arcsecond).
  • User Geoids Management. The user can now import and manage his/her own geoids files and these can be used in the supported processing steps (phase to height).

Basic Module

  • New tool: Ship Detection.
  • New tool and new workflow: Moving Target Detection.
  • New Coherence workflows:
    • Coherence CCD Timeline Workflow.
    • Coherence MTC RGB Workflow.
    • Coherence COV-PWR-CC RGB Workflow.
  • DeGrandi filtering speedup and incremental processing support.
  • For multitemporal features giving maximum/minimum values (Min, Max, Min Ratio, Max Ratio) an image showing the date of the chosen pixel is created (generate dates flag).

Interferometry Module

  • Cluster Coherence CCD Workflow (available for SARscape Cluster product).

Interferometric Stacking Module

  • SBAS Cluster (available for SARscape Cluster product).
  • PS processing speedup.

Interferometry ScanSAR Module

  • ScanSAR interferometry now supports TSX and PALSAR2 (full aperture).

End-of-Life (EOL) announcement

  • With SARscape 5.4, the focusing module for ENVISAT WS and ENVISAT AP reached end-of-life. This module will no longer be available starting from the next SARscape

Known Issues

The following list contains minor issues that are known and will be solved in forthcoming SARscape versions:
  • In some circumstances, a longitudinal shift between a geocoded SLC and a geocoded GRD in Sentinel-1 data can be seen (in the order of 10 m).
  • ScanSAR interferometry with PALSAR2 scanSAR in burst mode is not supported.



created from SARscape 5.4 Release Notes.pdf,  kk 3/22/2017

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