How to fix the error "Unable to locate or install MongoDB" when installing Next-Gen License Server 4.1 on Ubuntu/Debian Linux

NOTICE: This Help Article only applies to Next-Gen License Server version 4.1. Prior and later versions will not experience this issue. 


Background Information:

Attempting to install the Next-Gen License Server 4.1 on Debian Linux (including Ubuntu) will likely return this error message:

Would you like to install MongoDB Community Server 5.0.15 [y/n]? y

Installing MongoDB Community Server 5.0.15…

Unable to install MongoDB Community Server.

See log file at /tmp/install_linux-lx90k.

Unable to locate or install MongoDB.

Exiting the installation.

Checking the output log file mentioned will show that there is an unsupported file type:  

# cat /tmp/install_linux-lx90k

Installing mongodb-org-server_.deb...

Reading package lists...

E: Unsupported file ./mongodb-org-server_.deb given on commandline

MongoDB Community Server installation failed: rc=100.



To fix this issue, simply open the install_linux.sh script shipped with the installer in a text editor and change Line #205 from this:


to the following which now contains brackets “{ }”:


Save install_linux.sh and re-run it to complete the installation.




created by BC-US on 8/30/2023

reviewed byMT on 8/31/2023