How to change the ports used for the Next-Generation License Server


By default, the Next-Geneartion License Server (NGLS) is using port 4080 to communicate via HTTP.
(In addition and if used, the NGLS can also communicate via secure HTTPS using port 40443.)

In case of port 4080 cannot be opened in both ways on the server and client machine(s) and therefore cannot be used, it is possible to change the default port by following the below steps:



Default configuration settings for the NGLS are set in the “production.json” file, located in your “INSTALL_DIR/license_server/config/” directory.

Open the “production.json” file in a text editor and search for “http” and modify the default 4080 port to the desired one.


  "http": {
    "port": 4080


  "https": {
    "port": 40443,
    "key": "certs/key.pem",
    "cert": "certs/cert.pem"

PS: If you do not want to use both ports or want to prevent your users from using one of these specific ports and therefore connections, you can also remove the unused port section (http or https) from the configuration file.

Note: After saving and closing the “production.json” configuration file, you need to restart the NGLS service.  
Windows: open the windows "services" application as administrator and search for the service "NV5 Geospatial License Server" and right click and "restart" it.
Linux: Open a terminal and use the following command:  sudo INSTALL_DIR/node/bin/node INSTALL_DIR/service restart 

After a few minutes, the service should be restarted and you should now be able to open the new NGLS Dashboard: http://localhost:4080/dashboard/ 
Replace "4080" with the new port.

Your client machines now need to open the License Administrator tool and connect to your NGLS by using:
“Use License Server” > entering the correct server information and new port and use 'Connect'.


For further information about the “production.json” file, please check the “install guide” on our download page for your specific OS or contact us.



Created by MT on 12/14/2023

Reviewed by BC on 12/14/2023

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