How to investigate NG license server usage using Rest API calls

The NextGen license server can be monitored with our new NG license server Dashboard: http://localhost:4080/dashboard/
(or you can also use the syntax:   https://license-server-hostname-or-IP:4080/dashboard/  or   https://license-server-hostname-or-IP:40443/dashboard/)

You will find all the license information, such as current available and in use licensesa, user and machine information and more on this platform.

However, in case of you need to extract the information on your own to implement it into your own tool, you might want to use the cmd/terminal and the RestAPI calls to extract this information manually. The corresponding commands are now slightly different as before and are based on the keywords used in the NG license server dashboard.

If you want to query this in terminal/cmd, use the "curl" to extract the information, e.g.:

- Query the currently active and used license features:
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/features

- Query the currently used license features (feature, version, username, hostname, platform, acquired):
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/checkouts

- Query the users who are currently using licenses:
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/users


- Query the machines/hostnames who are currently using licenses:  
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/hostnames


- Query the client platforms who are currently using licenses:    
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/platforms


- Query alerts/events of the license server:
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/events  


- Query the license server logs:
curl localhost:4080/api/1.0/logs

To check the RestAPIs in your browser, just use the URLs.




created by MT on 12/05/2023

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