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Avoid Dangerous Road Conditions with Hyperlocal Weather Info

Video camera networks have grown exponentially across the globe. Harris has leveraged an aggregated network of nearly 40,000 traffic, vehicle, and surveillance cameras, and applied new machine learning technologies to the data to deliver real-time insights on how weather is impacting road conditions and critical infrastructure through its Helios Platform.


  • Departments of Transportation
  • Emergency Response Centers
  • Municipal Transit Agencies application developers distributing weather information

Traditional weather forecasting predicts what will happen in the atmosphere, and with only 2,000 ground weather stations in the U.S., getting a clear picture of the impact of weather events is often limited. Helios weather analytics bridge that gap with fast and accurate local ground weather intelligence to support weather forecasting, emergency response, and vehicle safety.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Harris can help solve some common challenges:

  • Lack of weather information available on demand to serve the needs of people at the times and locations when they actually need it
  • Frustration with inaccuracies and generalities of a weather forecast
  • Demand and expectation of instantaneous information delivered to mobile phones and other digital devices
  • Real-time monitoring of current conditions to validate and complement weather forecasts

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