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Land and Sea Applications Using SAR

The second webinar in our three part series dives a bit deeper into the ins and outs of processing SAR data, as well as specific applications for land and sea. This webinar builds on the content covered in the first "The Applications and Benefits of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)", while not getting too deep in the technical weeds (yet).

In this recorded webinar, you will learn how to run workflows for several types of land and sea investigations, such as:

  • Ship detection
  • Oil spill monitoring
  • Land surface deformation
  • Burn area analysis

This webinar is part two in a series of three. It is not mandatory to watch the first webinar; however, we believe you will get more out of the second webinar if you do.

Click here to watch Part 1. Click here to watch Part 3.


Click to download the webinar Q&A and presentation slides.