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Free Satellite Imagery from Airbus and Exelis

Patrick Collins

Exelis Inc. and Airbus Defence and Space have a history of collaboration within the geospatial and other industries. Now, for a limited time, Airbus is offering all purchasers of an ENVI license the ability to download up to one thousand Euros (1.000€ ≈ $1,300) worth of imagery from their holdings. It provides access to all of the data captured from their constellation of satellites including high resolution multi-spectral data, three-way stereo collects, and even Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) data. 

What's nice about this is that it allows users of ENVI to acquire some data over their area that can help them either get started with a project or to verify results of analysis conducted on other data over the region. The Airbus constellation provides amazing revisit time over pretty much anywhere in the world which means you'll be able to get up-to-date data in less time.

In order to facilitate the search and discovery of data for ENVI users, Airbus and Exelis teamed up to create the Airbus Defence and Space Catalog Query tool, which is an ENVI extension that can be easily dropped into the program and used to search and discover data from the catalog from directly within the ENVI interface.


The Catalog Query tool gives users the ability to filter their results by satellite name, bands available, start and end-date, as well as by cloud coverage, snow coverage, incidence, and spatial resolution. The retrieved results can be output as footprints or footprints and images, and can be exported in ENVI or KML format for viewing in either ENVI or Google Earth.

We're really excited about this new way of discovering data in ENVI, as it makes it easier for analysts using the software to quickly identify suitable data over their project site, and with the stipend provided by Airbus to purchasers of ENVI, they can now get that data for free!

For more information on the Airbus / Exelis program, or to download the Airbus Catalog Query tool, visit us at www.exelisvis.com/airbus, or register for the upcoming webinar.