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Analysts Learn New Image Analysis Techniques at the ENVI Rapid Learning Series!


Since my last post, the ENVI Rapid Learning Series has become more popular than I thought it would've. We have had some great demonstrations from some of the best technical minds here at Exelis, and the participation has been better than expected! Yesterday we hosted the fifth session in our series, which focused on how ENVI has been developed to support data from the NPP VIIRS sensor. This falls right on the heels of last week's session, which showed just how easy it is to work with Landsat 8 data in ENVI. Other topics we have covered so far include ENVI and ArcGIS® interoperability, using NITF data, and how to use image transformations to explore and gain insight from your data.

ENVI Image Transformation
An Independent Component Analysis being run in ENVI

One great thing about the series is that it's recorded, so any sessions you might have missed are all available online for your viewing pleasure! Below is a list of topics covered so far..

Week 1 - ENVI and ArcGIS Interoperability Tips

Week 2 - Using NITF Data in ENVI

Week 3 - Image Transformations in ENVI

Week 4 - Working with Landsat 8 Data in ENVI

Week 5 - Working with NPP VIIRS Data in ENVI

If you're interested in seeing what's happening next week on the Learning Series, feel free to sign up at the link below.

Sign-up for the next webinar!

Landsat 8 Image Classification
Showing Landsat 8 Image Classification in ENVI

Finally, let us know what topics you'd like to see covered on the Learning Series. Our goal is to be able to answer the questions you have about projects that you're working on. So let us know what's on your mind, and we hope to see you at next week's session!