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Analytics. Insights. Answers you can Trust.


We are very excited to officially rollout our businesses’ new value statement: “Analytics. Insights. Answers you can Trust.” While we certainly like the ring of it, I would be remiss not to spend a few words addressing its deeper significance as it is a nod to our storied legacy, emphasizes our current commitment to excellence, and shines a light on the path into the future.


Analytics are the building blocks for our foundation, rooted in our legacy in image science. This legacy goes back to the 1970s when David Stern was working at the University of Colorado, Boulder with a team of scientists focused on the Mariner Mars 7 & 9 space probes. It became clear to Stern that the team needed a programming language that went beyond the functionality of FORTRAN to provide easier, faster application development, data analysis and visualization. The solution that Stern created, the Mariner Mars Spectral Editor, was the prototype for IDL® (Interactive Data Language), and soon after Stern left the University and established IDL as a key tool to interpret data, expedite discoveries, and deliver powerful applications to market.

The early 1990s saw the release of the first version of ENVI®, an advanced hyperspectral image analysis software tool built using IDL. Since then, ENVI has developed into a full-featured image processing software package, heralded for its unmatched ability to process and analyze hyperspectral data as well as many other geospatial modalities like LiDAR and SAR. ENVI algorithms have been tested, vetted, and ultimately proven by the remote sensing community over the decades. That commitment to scientific excellence is still a hallmark of every product and solution that we release.


Insights are derived when we understand the underlying principles of something and can accurately determine the effects that it will have. Professionals from across industries rely on our analytics to extract insights from all types of geospatial imagery and data. While science is at the heart of everything we do, we strive to make our technology intuitive and customizable so that anyone can get expert-level insights, regardless of prior experience with remotely sensed data and imagery.

Answers you can Trust.

We do not come to this statement lightly. But by staying true to our origins and moving every great insight through a process of rigorous scrutiny, it is a promise we can make and keep. It is what sets us apart, as individuals and a company. It is a standard that we choose to live up to. When you work with us, whether you are using our software to discover your own answer, or asking us to deliver an answer to you, you can rest assured it is one you can trust.


Dan Gruidel
Director of Strategy Development

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