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How Machine Learning and Deep Learning Work


Demystifying and breaking down the terminology of machine leaning and deep learning is the first step in understanding how we can apply this technology to our daily lives. We see many references to machine learning, whether it is helping us find all of the swimming pools in a city, performing facial recognition, and even functioning in autonomous vehicles.

Our IDL® machine learning framework is the first commercial product with the ability to programmatically give our clients a way to link to libraries, train models, and perform machine learning classifications. This unique and easy to use tool now brings machine learning into our clients’ hands. Read this blog from Esri Australia’s imagery expert, Dipak Paudyal, and see how he explains machine learning and how to easily build training models in IDL.

Coming this spring, we'll be releasing ENVI Deep Learning. These industry-leading tools put all your imagery needs in one place with an easy-to-use UI, training tools, & enhanced tensorflow results from the ENVI UI. Training class times and tech preview coming soon. Stay tuned to learn about what we’ll be releasing soon!