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Could satellites be the secret to detecting water leaks?


As a Channel Manager for NV5 Geospatial, I look after our distributors in Australia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Distributors sell our products in their respective regions, handle support, training, and also uncover new uses for our products. Esri Australia's Principal Consultant Remote Sensing and Imagery, Dipak Paudyal, is driving new insights with data, and has started investigating a new way that satellites could help detect water leaks.


Water utility companies routinely face millions of dollars in lost revenue with wasted water and leaks in their pipeline infrastructure. In a recent blog, Could satellites be the secret to detecting water leaks?, Dipak explores if there is a way for satellite data and location analytics to help preserve water loss and also enable utility companies to better identify cracks in their system. As Dipak notes,

“…water utilities that are willing to think outside of the box and investigate new technologies such as SAR imagery will be guaranteed to stay ahead of the game.“


Analyzing all of this data requires the use of specialty tools like ENVI SARscape to help users transform raw SAR data into an easy-to-interpret images for further analysis. Check out Dipak's blog and let us know what do you think? Can we help the water industry better map their resources with this type of technology?