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Our case studies represent a wide range of industries using NV5 Geospatial solutions and products to solve critical challenges.


Improving Japanese Weather Forecasting With IDL


Japan has a dynamic landscape and corresponding weather patterns. While it does have four seasons, its... more »

Enterprise Analysis and Management System to Monitor Water Quality


Overview The Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment (XMBEE), China, is responsible for... more »

Using ENVI SARscape and Sentinel-1 Data to Measure Ground Displacement from the Cumbre Vieja Volcanic Eruption


The Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma on September 19, 2021. The... more »

IDL Helps Visualize Complex Earth...

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Using Imagery to Find Gold-Bearing...

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IDL Used to Visualize and Analyze...

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ENVI Helps Facilitate Peanut Crop Health in Australia

ENVI Helps Facilitate Peanut Crop Health in Australia


Customer Challenge Growing peanuts is a delicate and precise process. Peanut plants do not flower and dry off as they mature, like wheat or corn, but continue to flower indeterminately and grow their pods underground. This makes it extremely difficult to surmise when they are ready to be harvested, which has resulted in a $6.3 million annual... Read More >

Digital Terrain Model with Landsat Images

Digital Terrain Model with Landsat Images


Customer Challenge Decision makers in Flores, Indonesia required visually intuitive representations of surface features in Komodo National Park. A research project prompted Muhammed Barnawi to find a way to provide better interpretable visualizations. Solution Achieved Barnawi used ENVI® to create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs),... Read More >

AIR, Corp Uses ENVI to Determine Accuracy of Insurance Claims

AIR, Corp Uses ENVI to Determine Accuracy of Insurance Claims


Customer Challenge Every year, thousands of insurance claims are filed with individuals seeking compensation for natural disasters, such as flooding and hail, which have damaged or destroyed their agricultural fields. Though some of these claims are genuine and reflect farmers' financial vulnerability, a number of the claims are... Read More >