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Last Post 15 Sep 2023 07:47 AM by  Marcos Montes
ENVI 5+ equivalent to "User Defined Motion Routine"
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Marcos Montes

New Member

New Member

15 Sep 2023 07:47 AM
    I had written a tool long ago for use with the setting "ENVI User Defined Motion Routine". What I am trying to do is something similar, but with the modern ENVI (i.e., ENVI 5 and later), which, as far as I can tell, does not have this setting.

    I understand that if I write I procedure with an e=envi() call, I can certainly use it for mouse motion events, such as in the help pages for Advanced Concepts -> Event Handler Class. Another "help" page says: "In the main program where you run ENVI and display an ENVIView, set the mouse event handler properties in ENVIView to the names of the event handler functions." Basically, I'd like the procedure to perform like in ENVI Classic's "User Defined Motion Routine" setting, where it is available whenever I want, any time I start ENVI (ok, ENVI+IDL, which I have).

    By the way, I've made progress converting my "ENVI Classic User Defined Motion Routine" so that it uses modern ENVI (ENVIRaster, ENVIview, and ENVIRasterLayer, for example). That is not the problem. Those conversions are straightforward, in any case.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
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