What to do if the 'License Administrator - License Server' for the Next-Generation License Server does not start?


With the release of ENVI 5.7 & IDL 8.9 and the corresponding Next-Generation licensing system, a GUI has now been provided for the Next-Generation license server to manage your licenses.

Under Windows it can happen that when trying to start the GUI, a blank License Administrator window is briefly displayed and the application terminates.


The likely cause of this issue is that the required Microsoft WebView2 Runtime package is not installed on your system. The 'License Administrator - Server License' GUI application (license_administrator.exe) requires that Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime be installed (see Install Guide).

The workarounds are:

  1. Manually install the WebView2 Runtime. This can be found directly on the web or on the Microsoft website. Afterwards, you should be able to start the GUI "license_administrator.exe" in your "NV5\license_server\bin" directory without any problems.
  2. Use the command line "licensing" utility to manage your licenses from Windows Command Prompt. You can find the corresponding commands in the installation and licensing instructions of the Next-Generation License Server here.

NOTE: The 'License Administrator - License Server' GUI (license_administrator.exe) is only used to activate/deactivate/migrate/upgrade your licenses.
To view active and in-use licenses, use the new License Server Dashboard, which can be accessed from a web browser via the default URL "http://localhost:4080/dashboard/".



updated by MT on 07/02/2024

created by MT on 6/13/2023 

reviewed by BC-US on 6/29/2023