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End-of-Life Policy Enforcement for ENVI 5.3 / IDL 8.5 and Earlier Versions


Dear ENVI/IDL Customer,  We are reaching out to notify you of our supported software versions... more »

How to Upgrade licenses to ENVI 6.0 / IDL 9.0


What is the new Upgrade function? With the recent release of our major ENVI 6.0 and IDL 9.0 versions, we... more »

What to do if the 'License Administrator - License Server' for the Next-Generation License Server does not start?


Background: With the release of ENVI 5.7 & IDL 8.9 and the corresponding Next-Generation licensing... more »

How to migrate your active legacy license to a Next-Generation license


  Background: NV5 Geospatial has adopted a new licensing technology for all future releases of... more »

Next-Generation Licensing FAQ


This Help article groups the FAQ related to the Next-Generation licensing system starting with ENVI 5.7... more »

How to manually uninstall FlexNet local or server license


Note: this article is related to FlexNet licensing system. Starting June, 1st 2023, FlexNet... more »

The IDL Virtual Machine


What is the IDL Virtual Machine? An IDL Virtual Machine is a runtime version of IDL that can... more »