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Create Accurate Image Classification Products to Aid Disaster Response Efforts

After a disaster, it is incredibly important to quickly generate accurate, actionable maps to aid response and rebuilding efforts. The more officials know about impacted areas, the more effective their response. Because UAVs can be quickly deployed, responders frequently use them to collect high-resolution imagery of affected areas.

Once UAV imagery is captured, Pix4Dmapper, the leading photogrammetry software, can transform the images into accurate and georeferenced digital spatial models. Typical outputs that are created include 3D point clouds, 3D mesh, and orthomosaics. These outputs can be easily moved to ENVI® where they can be processed and analyzed to get answers.

In this recorded webinar the makers of Pix4Dmapper and ENVI image analysis software will show you how:

  • Imagery collected by UAVs is processed as image orthomosaic and digital surface model (DSM) products
  • To extract features, detect anomalies, and understand change
  • Deep learning can extract image classes and quickly map the destruction


To download a PDF of the presentation slides, click here.