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Monitoring Wildfires with SAR | The SAR Insider Series

Amidst a sweltering heatwave in June 2021, a wildfire started that would ultimately destroy the Canadian city of Lytton. In this episode of The SAR Insider, Megan shows JP how she used SAR to study and monitor the fire, and its disastrous impacts.

Included in this episode:

  • How and why she chose SAR data for this application
  • Why ENVI SARscape was her tool of choice to process the data
  • The unique insights gleaned from processing and analyzing the SAR data
  • The steps she used to extract actionable information

Watch and learn alongside JP in this recorded video session, and see how the combination of SAR data and ENVI SARscape can be used to accurately monitor wildfires.

Download presentation slides here.

About The SAR Insider Series

SAR data is an incredible tool for agriculture and forest oversight, displacement mapping, disaster management and other monitoring applications. But if you are unfamiliar with how it can benefit your analysis, then you are not alone. When L3Harris Solutions Engineer, JP Metcalf, wanted to learn more about SAR data and its applications, he tapped fellow Solutions Engineer and in-house SAR expert, Megan Gallagher to share her SAR wisdom.

This live video series gives you the chance to listen in on those conversations and learn right alongside JP. Using case study examples, Megan will demonstrate SAR data applications and introduce you to the tools she depends on, like ENVI SARscape and ENVI SARscape Analytics. Register now for the upcoming live episode and learn about SAR the same way it is taught to solutions engineers internally.

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