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Remote Sensing for National Security - Obtain Rapid, Actionable Intelligence with Hyperspectral Imagery and SAR

The proliferation in the availability of remotely sensed data creates challenges and opportunities for organizations charged on protecting our national security worldwide. Questions have only grown as the number and complexity of sensors advanced, with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Hyperspectral Imaging as the two leading examples. These sensors allow to derive rapid, actionable intelligence in a way that would be difficult or impossible to obtain from other sensors.

  • Hyperspectral imaging exploits distinct spectral characteristics of every object on the ground, it can determine what spectrally unique material exists in a scene and locate specific targets of interest
  • SAR collects data day and night, through clouds and in most weather conditions – almost every time – operational, pervasive monitoring systems can deliver critical decision advantage to intelligence problems

The exploitation of these datasets is growing exponentially, such as for persistent monitoring of surface activities, detecting and tracking targets of interest, and identifying unknown objects and anomalies. Examples include tactical operations, law enforcement, border control, food security, maritime surveillance, monitoring illicit traffic and migration, and more.

However, datasets from these sensors are complex which makes them difficult to process and exploit, hence advanced algorithms are needed. NV5 has supported the security and intelligence community for decades with mission-proven technology and solutions. With ENVI and SARscape, NV5 provides advanced Commercial-off-the-Shelf technologies that can analyze, fuse and transform hyperspectral and SAR data into actionable intelligence, to improve situational awareness and to gain a tactical and strategic advantage in a timely manner.

Watch this recorded webinar to see real-world scenarios of how SAR and hyperspectral imagery is efficiently and accurately being used with ENVI and SARscape to obtain rapid, actionable intelligence for making informed decisions.

Download presentation slides here.