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8 Nov

If a Meteor Vaporizes in the Atmosphere, Does It Make a Sound?

Jim Pendleton | Comments (0) | Number of views (2160) | Article rating: 4.1

Jim Pendleton is a Professional Services Engineer at L3Harris Geospatial In this screen capture from Himawari 8 Band 3 data (0.64 microns), the vapor trail of the large... Read More >

23 Sep

Access New Machine Learning Capabilities in ENVI

Zachary Norman | Comments (0) | Number of views (4857) | Article rating: 4.0

Well, hello there! My name is Zach Norman and I’m one of the ENVI Product Managers at L3Harris Geospatial. I’m excited to announce that in the next few weeks we will be releasing... Read More >

3 Aug

Student Spotlight Summer 2022

Andrew Fore | Comments (0) | Number of views (4971) | Article rating: 5.0

The L3Harris Geospatial Summer Student Spotlight is Nanar Jacobs, a part-time PhD student who works for the Wetern Arctic Centre for Geomatics in Inuvik, NWT, Canada, which is part of the... Read More >

26 Jul

One (Small) Phone Call, One Giant Telescope for Humankind

Jenny Bloom | Comments (0) | Number of views (4701) | Article rating: 4.5

The call came in at 4:55pm on a Friday – never a good sign. The customer was part of the NASA team that was diligently working to get the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) properly... Read More >

22 Jul

Displaying the New James Webb Space Telescope Images in IDL and ENVI

Jim Pendleton | Comments (0) | Number of views (10813) | Article rating: 4.0

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is the largest optical telescope in space, and as space science enthusiasts know, the first images from the Telescope were released to the public on... Read More >

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