How to install and license ENVI 5.7 and SARscape 5.7

The below detailed steps will help to perform a fresh installation of ENVI 5.7 and SARscape 5.7 and how to license it.

PS: If ENVI 5.6.3 and SARscape is already installed on your machine and you want to upgrade to ENVI 5.7 and SARscape 5.7, please check the following Help Article: https://www.nv5geospatialsoftware.com/Support/Self-Help-Tools/Help-Articles/Help-Articles-Detail/ArtMID/10220/ArticleID/24341/How-to-upgrade-to-SARscape-57-SARscape-Analytics-57-or-Opticalscape-57 

Login to your account on our website and access the new download page: 

PS: If you have forgotten your password, use the “reset password” function when trying to login on our website and use your email address to receive the reset link. If this does not work, please contact technical support.

A) Download the following products for your operating system:
1) ENVI 5.7
2) SARscape 5.7
3) Next-Generation License Server 4.1
> Also download the “Install Guide” for each product you want to install. It will help to identify the system requirements and how to install and license our products.

> Note that a NG license server now needs to be installed and used in order to activate a SARscape or SARscape Analytics license.

B) Proceed with the following Installation steps: 
1) Start the ENVI 5.7 installation and at the end of the installation, do not install GSF if you want to install the Next-Generation License Server 4.1 on the same machine to avoid any dependencies and licensing issues.
2) Install SARscape 5.7 on your machine. 
Follow the OpenCL Installation, if needed.
(PS: Windows Defender may not trust the SARscape installer because an unknown publisher is currently displayed. If this is the case, you have to allow the installation by confirming it with "Run anyway". )
3) Install the Next-Generation License Server 4.1 on your or on a dedicated machine.

C) Licensing:
As mentioned above, SARscape licenses needs to be activated on a NG license server.
Activate your licenses on your NG license server, using the new license server GUI or the command prompt.

Licensing Instructions for Linux can be found here: https://www.nv5geospatialsoftware.com/docs/install-linux.html#AdminGUI   

Licensing Instructions for Windows can be found here. https://www.nv5geospatialsoftware.com/docs/install-windows.html#AdminGUI 

Example for Windows activation with the GUI:
- License activation, using the new NG license server GUI:
Open the L3Harris License Administrator “license_administrator.exe” as administrator from the following directory “C:\Program Files\Harris\license_server\bin”. 
(PS: If the license server GUI does not start, please use these steps to solve this issue) 

Activate your licenses with “Activate License” and by entering the valid activation codes and quantity of your licenses. 

After successfully activated, you should find your active licenses under “View License”.

In addition, you can also open your web browser and enter the following URL to access the new license server dashboard: http://localhost:4080/dashboard/ 

D) Connect your machine with your NG license server
Connect your (client) machine with your NG license server. This step is also needed, if everything is installed on the same machine.
Open the "L3Harris License Administrator" from your ENVI directory e.g. "C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI57" with admin permissions and use "Use License Server" and enter your server name or IP address of your license server machine and press "connect".
PS: If the NG license server is installed on the same machine where your ENVI/IDL/SARscape installation is available, you can enter "localhost" instead of the "server name".

After successfully connected, you should be able to start ENVI 5.7 / IDL 8.9 / SARscape 5.7.




created by MT on 8/13/2023

reviewed by MM on 8/13/2023


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