Transition to the Next-Gen Licensing System


We recently released a new licensing system called Next-Gen Licensing system. It was released at the same time as ENVI 5.7 and IDL 8.9 and will replace the legacy FlexNet Licensing system. This new licensing system is compatible with ENVI 5.4/5.5/5.6/5.7 and IDL 8.6/8.7/8.8/8.9.

If you still have a running FlexNet license - local or server license - on your systems, this license will continue to work.

However, on June, 1st 2023 the licensing portal which is allowing to activate/deactivate FlexNet licenses was disabled. Thus, it is no longer possible to deactivate/activate any FlexNet licenses, even using an offline procedure.

For those reasons, NV5 Tech Support strongly recommend ENVI & IDL users to plan the migration to the Next-Gen Licensing system as soon as possible.

Please note: if you are experiencing an issue with your current FlexNet license, which is requiring a reactivation of the license, there will be no other way than moving/migrating to Next-Gen licensing system.


Migration will imply

  • To migrate to the next version of our software ENVI 5.7/IDL 8.9.
  • To eventually patch versions ENVI 5.4/5.5/5.6 and IDL 8.6/8.7/8.8 if you still need to work with those product versions.
  • To install the Next-Gen License server if you are using a license server configuration.

Note: if you are a SARscape user and need to move to Next-Gen licensing system, you will need to move to a license server configuration. Indeed, SARscape licenses cannot be activated as node-locked/local licenses in this new system.


For more technical information about the Next-Gen licensing system please see the links below:


ENVI 6.0 and IDL 9.0, also based on the Next Generation licensing system, are now released. Instructions to upgrade to this last version are included in the link below:



Please contact Tech Support or your distributor to assist with the migration or with the upgrade.






Created by BC on 8/162023

Reviewed by JU on 8/16/2023