End-of-Life Policy Enforcement for ENVI 5.3 / IDL 8.5 and Earlier Versions

Dear ENVI/IDL Customer, 

We are reaching out to notify you of our supported software versions policy and a change in the enforcement of that policy. For customers who still use older versions of the ENVI and IDL software with the old FLEXlm licensing technology (ENVI 5.3/IDL 8.5 and earlier), PLEASE REVIEW THIS NOTICE CAREFULLY AS YOU MAY WANT TO REFER TO IT IN THE FUTURE. 

There are multiple reasons to keep your software current in today’s internet world of cyber security threats. Libraries of code that are commonly used in software can become vulnerable over time. Software vendors must continually update our software stack with each new version. At NV5 Geospatial Software, we work diligently to scan our software for vulnerabilities, and we address them on a regular release schedule. And as a user of our software, you need to update to new versions on a timely basis to avoid the risk of vulnerabilities. 

NV5 Geospatial Software has had a consistent policy about supported software versions that goes back many years NV5 Geospatial Software Technical Support - Supported Versions. We support the current version of our products and two versions and/or two years back whichever is longer (licenses must be current on maintenance). In some cases, we will support certain types of product requests up to three versions and/or years back. Support includes product questions, installation, licensing, and license rehosts (to a new machine). 

Effective as of April 1, 2024, we are no longer able to support new license requests or rehosts of the old FLEXlm technology. Software versions of ENVI 5.3 or IDL 8.5 and earlier are impacted by this change. We WILL NOT be able to support any future new license requests or rehosts of the old FLEXlm licensing after this date, even if the licenses are current on maintenance. To prevent any loss of use in the future, we highly recommend you take the following actions for any old version licenses that still use the old FLEXlm licensing: 

  • Your license must be current on software maintenance to update to new versions. If the software maintenance has expired, please contact your Sales Representative Contact Us
  • Update to either of the two most-current releases of ENVI (v 5.7, v6) or IDL (v8.9, v9) as soon as possible. Downloads are available at https://portal.nv5geospatialsoftware.com/.
    • These releases have the latest Next-gen licensing technology. 
  • Alternatively, for ENVI v5.4, v5.5, v5.6 or IDL v8.6, v8.7, v8.8 a patch is available to update their licensing to the latest Next-gen technology. The patch is available at the Download link above. 

If you do not act now, your license will continue to run as-is with no changes to the license or machine (machine id). HOWEVER, WE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO PROVIDE ANY TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT LICENSES THAT USE THE OLD FLEXLM LICENSE TECHNOLOGY. 

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. 


Bill Okubo 
Lead Product Manager 

For additional information on the current licensing technology, please see Next Generation Licensing FAQ.

Created by JU 5/6/2024. Reviewed by BO 5/7/2024.