How to manually uninstall FlexNet local or server license

Note: this article is related to FlexNet licensing system.

Starting June, 1st 2023, FlexNet licensing portal is down and so on FlexNet license deactivations need to be completed manually, after migrating licenses to the Next-Gen licensing system:



1. Manual Uninstallation of a Local License (all platforms)


  • Move to the below folder on the machine from which you need to remove a license:


    Where INSTALL-DIR is the Harris product folder


  • Delete the whole contain of this folder


  • You can check if deactivation is successful by opening the Harris License Administrator and by selecting View licenses: it should be empty (i.e. no license listed)




2. Manual Uninstallation of a Server License (Windows & Linux)


  • Stop the license server service


  • Move to the below folder on the server from which you need to remove a license

    Windows: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\flexnetls\idl_lmgrd\

    Linux: /var/opt/flexnetls/idl_lmgrd/


  • Delete the below files from the above directories




  • You can check if deactivation is successful by checking the license features - after restarting the license server 


    cd INSTALL_DIR\flexnetls-x64_windows-xxxx.xx.x\enterprise

    flexnetlsadmin.bat -server http://localhost:7070 -features


    cd INSTALL_DIR/flexnetls-x64_linux-xxxx.xx.x/enterprise

    ./flexnetlsadmin.sh -server http://localhost:7070 -features

    Where INSTALL_DIR is the license server installation directory


    The output should not list any feature