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3 Replies and 1228 Views LOST of History commands  1228  3 Started by  Deleted User Hi, do someone know how to recovery the IDL command history when windows shut-down for updates installation I left my computer running a process that takes a long time during the night, but next morning I realized windows restart the computer and with it all my commands of my last session. Thanks for any clue, Gustavo
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
27 Mar 2024 01:04 PM
2 Replies and 279 Views IDL 9.0.0 on Ubuntu 22.04: Segmentation fault  279  2 Started by  Deleted User When running IDL on a major linux distribution (Ubuntu 22.04) I got the following error: workermlserver:~$ idl -vm IDL 9.0.0 (linux x86_64 m64). (c) 2023, NV5 Geospatial Solutions, Inc. Segmentation fault (core dumped) lsb_release -a give: workermlserver:~$ lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS Release: 22.04 Codename: jammy Please is somebody known how to fix this it is possible to fix this or to dbug
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
21 Mar 2024 08:02 AM
2 Replies and 1024 Views path_xy keyword from old contour procedure?  1024  2 Started by  Deleted User I have found the path_xy keyword to be extremely useful when trying to get the xy coordinates for different contour levels. Is there another way to do this I looked at the IDLgrContour and could not find anything. Ronn Kling
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
11 Mar 2024 12:15 PM
1 Replies and 141 Views Undefined Variable  141  1 Started by  Deleted User I have the following code loop: for i=0, rows-1 do begin READF, lun, a, b, c, format='(A15,1x,F0,1x,F0)' filenames&91;i&93; = a latitude&91;i&93; = b longitude&91;i&93; = c help, a,b,c,i print,a, 'a' endfor and get these errors: Variable is undefined: FILENAMES. Execution halted at: $MAIN$ 1 /home/phaines/climate/idlist_files/write_idlist_1.pro_test Variable is undefined: LATITUDE. Execution halted at: $MAIN$ 1 /home/phaines/clima...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
04 Mar 2024 09:59 AM
1 Replies and 149 Views Nonuniform Discrete FFT  149  1 Started by  Deleted User Does IDL have a non-uniform discrete FFT package Nothing I read indicated that it does. Is it part of a separate product
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
14 Feb 2024 08:34 AM
2 Replies and 161 Views SPAWN : version mismatch  161  2 Started by  Deleted User I use SPAWN to call curl to get data from a password protected webpage. curl produces an error message - with verbose output: curl: /opt/nv5/idl90/bin/bin.linux.x86_64/libcurl.so.4: no version information available (required by curl) ... curl: (77) error setting certificate file: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt if I do the same call in the bash shell the output is different and there is no error. Main difference is: ... * successfully set certificate verify locations: *...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
14 Feb 2024 08:18 AM
12 Replies and 5712 Views Download IDL Virtual Machine 6.1  5712  12 Started by  Deleted User Hello, I need download software Virtual Machine, for use AFINS program. Since I can realize the unload thank you.
12 5712
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
19 Jan 2024 02:49 PM
2 Replies and 187 Views Disappearing latitude labels in MAP  187  2 Started by  Deleted User Is this a bug, or I am failing to use MAP correctly somehow In the three examples below, for me the last one has no latitude labels when specifying the 'Geographic' projection. This does not happen with other projections. limits=&91;20.,-130.,55.,-60.&93; ; lat and long limits marg=&91;0.15,0.15,0.1,0.1&93; ; margins in normalised units Map = MAP('Geographic', LIMIT=limits, FILL_COLOR='steel blue', LINESTYLE='dotted', $ LABEL_POSITION=0, FONT_SIZE=12, MARGIN=marg, ASPECT_...
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by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
27 Dec 2023 12:31 PM
2 Replies and 438 Views Need additional optiminization help!  438  2 Started by  Deleted User I have another efficiency question for my fellow IDL experts. I am calculating the 'entropy' of many sequential 3x3 2D subsets within an image by performing the simple calculation of finding the MIN and MAX of these subsets, calculating the delta, and storing it in an array and the BYTSCLing it to display. This is a little different from a question I posted last year when a poster (Ben) gave me a very nice IDL way to solve it. Unfortunately, it doesn't lend itself to this problem. Here is my ...
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
08 Nov 2023 12:34 PM
2 Replies and 2387 Views Can any IDL library handle .ser files?  2387  2 Started by  Deleted User Hi, Does anyone know if IDL can import .ser files It is a video file format produced by the SharpCap astronomy imaging software. It's not listed in the file formats list: https://www.l3harrisgeospatial.com/docs/file_formats.html But I still wanted to double-check before abandoning IDL for python...
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
22 Aug 2023 09:07 PM
1 Replies and 267 Views feature request: increase limitation on of tick marks  267  1 Started by  Deleted User in plot-related PROCEDURES, the number of 'tickV' or 'tickNames' is limited to 60. Please either increase it, or turn off the limitation. Such a limitation is not necessary.
1 267
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
14 Aug 2023 11:35 AM
0 Replies and 305 Views getField in dataminer  305  0 Started by  Deleted User Hello, I am using dataminer in IDL to get the content of a table: res = OBJ_NEW('idlDbRecordset', database, SQL = sqlString). One of the field in my postgresql table is a jsonb structure. When I get the content of that field with 'Getfield', I have a corresponding string which work most of the time. In some table, that jsonb structure can be pretty long and it seems that the GetField function is truncating the string to 255 characters. Any idea on how to get the full string from the db even ...
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10 Aug 2023 08:32 AM
1 Replies and 265 Views IDLWorkbench editor responses slowly after a while  265  1 Started by  Deleted User The editor on IDLWorkbench become very slow in response, after I reading and plotting for a while on IDLWorkbench. It responds very slow that for typing each word in the editor the Mac wait cursor would show up. So I have to wait for 1-2 seconds for each input at the editor. Sometimes click on the trash icon in the lower-right corner would help a little bit, but many times that button does not help much. The other attempt is to close the IDLWorkbench and restart it, that would help but won't...
1 265
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
24 Jul 2023 09:33 PM
1 Replies and 228 Views when drawing text with XYOUTS, how to make background white?  228  1 Started by  Deleted User When drawing text with the XYOUTS procedure, how to make the textbox background white
1 228
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
24 Jul 2023 09:32 PM
8 Replies and 4132 Views Will the next version of IDL run natively on Macs with the new M1 Chip  4132  8 Started by  Deleted User Apple is moving away from Intel and to their new M1 chips. What is the timeline for releasing a version of IDL that runs natively on these chips.
8 4132
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
23 May 2023 10:31 AM
1 Replies and 420 Views IDLDE on macOS X11 display not forwarded  420  1 Started by  Deleted User I'm having some issues with IDLDE 8.8.3 not forwarding the Workbench window over X11. Instead, `idlde` launches Workbench on the host machine not the client machine. I'm using a MacPro as a host running macOS 11.7. I'm using a MacMini running macOS 11.7 as a client. XQuartz version is 2.8.3 for both machines. From the client, I can ssh to the host and run `idl` from the command line just fine, and it will forward plots without any issues. However, when I run `idlde` from an ssh session...
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by  Deleted UserJump to last post
17 Apr 2023 10:53 AM
3 Replies and 438 Views Keyboard accessibility: new windows in IDLDE  438  3 Started by  Deleted User Hi, for some years now, whenever I type 'window, &91;number&93;' in IDLDE, the window it opens is (a) minimized, and (b) at the very very end of the AltTab sequence. This essentially makes it terribly inconvenient to switch to from the keyboard. Is there any setting that can help Is there a workaround My workflow often requires me to run a program, click somewhere on an opened window, then flicker between window 1 and window 2 (for example), then go back to IDLDE, then run a ...
3 438
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
13 Mar 2023 12:46 PM
2 Replies and 399 Views program routine arguments as lists and hashes  399  2 Started by  Deleted User Does idl have a syntax like python when arguments and keywords can be accessed using lists (*arg) and dictionaries (**kwargs). I'm trying to write code that cycles through the supplied arguments and it seems that builtins like print, string and create_struct have this capabilities, but user written routines do not.
2 399
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
25 Feb 2023 04:31 AM
3 Replies and 2758 Views python to IDL bridge on Mac  2758  3 Started by  Deleted User Hello I have a hard time trying to make the python bridge to work on Mac (OS X 14.2 localized, IDL 8.7.1, python 2.7 and 3.6) I'm using either the Apple install of python 2.7 or a homebrew install of 3.6. The IDL to python seems OK with python in the PATH (I can call python from IDL command line, although not in the workbench), but not the other way around. - Defining a PYTHONHOME logical only results in complete blocking of python (exits with message ImportError: No module named site...
3 2758
by  Ben CastellaniJump to last post
07 Feb 2023 11:30 AM
1 Replies and 554 Views Python Bridge numpy absent  554  1 Started by  Deleted User I recently installed IDL 8.8.3 and decided to setup the bridge to Python. I added to the PATH variable and ran setup.py in the correct directory. Everything looks OK. In Python 3.7.6 I can run from idlpy import * When I run in IDL > np=Python.Import('Numpy') I get PYTHON::LOAD: numpy is not installed for this python distribution and is required for the IDL-python bridge. numpy can be installed by running 'c:\users\d.van.dusschoten\Anaconda3\python.exe -m pip install numpy'. numpy is in...
1 554
by  Deleted UserJump to last post
31 Jan 2023 06:30 PM
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